Happy Monday! As promised, I am (finally) back to posting the pictures of our current home (we moved here in July of ’11). Today, I have our Master Bedroom to show you.
I am pretty sure you recognize it from here…sadly, it’s pretty much the exact same as it was in San Diego. Boo.
Sure, it’s nice and all. When I put the room together 4 years ago, I loved the color combination, the use of my flowered theme fabric, and the deals I got on the curtain fabric and all the bedding from Linens’N’Things (remember them?). There are things I still love..like the lamps I moved from our San Diego guest room and these cute little pink stools from Okinawa.
And the curtains were so darn long, that I was able to finally hem them (I NEVER hemmed them in San Diego!!) and just put them right up! That NEVER happens!
I changed a few things too. Very few. I made our San Diego shower curtain into a cafe curtain for this awkward little window. I hemmed up the bottom, and then hung the panel using the shower hooks onto a tension rod. It does give some color to the window, but I hate it. I messed up…do you see it? I wasn’t paying attention when I was measuring (a theme with me!), and it was way too long. I had to re-hem it, awkwardly, and now I have this HUGE hem on the bottom. Ug.
I also (finally) hung the artwork that was above our headboard. I personally liked the frames leaning against the wall, but the amount of times we had to fish them out from behind the bed with a broom made this arrangement impractical!  I still really love this concept for artwork!
Even though this room is put together and “decorated,” I just hate it (can I say that?)!!! I am so tired of the pink and orange (so is my husband…then again, he has been since day 1!) and am over-the-top tired of the flowered fabric that now permeates my house (I will think twice about using the same fabric throughout an entire house again!). I hate that we didn’t get an area rug for under the bed, or at least runners for the sides. I.hate.cold.floors.in.the.morning. (I easily say this EVERY morning!). I want clean sheets, a new color scheme, and rugs people!

Excitingly, my husband gave me an enthusiastic “go ahead” to makeover the bedroom. (Alleluia!)

Then…a week ago…we found our we are moving. Again. This May. Man!! (and I just got all the boxes unpacked!).

So what’s the point of making over the bedroom when I am going to have a whole new house to deal with in just a few months?

Well…there’s a lot of nights between now and then, so I’ve made a deal with my husband (well, more myself!). I am going to do a mini-makeover. I have $150 (not a penny more!) to freshen up this room and boy, do I have plans!

Check back in a week or so, and I have the final result for you!  Home Goods, here I come!

See You Soon!