Because I have all this wonderful holiday fabric, I am not hesitating to make some additional accessories for around my house, all in an effort to tie my decorations together!  Yesterday, I completed this little table runner to go on a console table right inside my front door.  
This was supposed to be one of those projects that took an hour, maybe even less.  I had a simple plan: cut some rectangles, sew the two sides together to make long strips, sew the edges, flip right-side-out, and close it up.  
My first time-drain (because I was rushing) was that I made one side too short (doh!).  Soo…instead of rushing to fix it by adding an “extra panel” of fabric to the end of the strip (my first thought!), I decided that since I was using my precious baby-free time and nice fabric, I better do it right.  So I whipped out my trusty seem ripper (he and I are all too familiar with each other ;), pulled it apart, re-cut my fabric, and started over.  Then…because things like ric-rac and pom poms scream CHRISTMAS to me (no…I don’t hear voices!), I waisted spent more time to dress it up a bit:
Even though it took a little more time than I expected, she turned out just adorable!  And you want to know the best part?  She’s reversible!
Instead of using just two cute fabrics, I got to use four! And, I can use whichever side I want to, based on what I’m putting on my table a particular year!
I placed the runner on my console table, and it really helps to make the whole display look a little more cohesive.
In addition to these lanterns filled with balls and a candle, I also added a few fun elements to make a festive holiday-scape.  I don’t have a mantel or fireplace in my home, so this is really the only place I can use these types of items!  By the way, I thought wrapping some garland around my iron candelabra was BRILLIANT (aren’t I modest 😉 – it looks like a great big holiday wreath but was so quick and easy to put up!
And now with some fun fabric and a few well-placed accessories, I have a festive scene to greet my holiday visitors!
Come on by and say HI 🙂
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