Hello hello! At long last (okay…it’s only been 3 weeks!), I finally have pictures of my “new” Master Bedroom.


Three weeks ago, I gave myself a challenge to makeover my Master Bedroom using only $150 and items I had on-hand. You may also recall that just when I decided to do this, we also found out that we are moving again in 4.short.months.

Since I suddenly had about a bazillion other things I should be doing rather than re-doing a bedroom we’re living in for so short a time, my makeover became much smaller in real life than it was in my head! And I was dreaming big, people! I was going to cover the wall behind our bed with this awesome green and black fabric, stencil a plain duvet cover, spray paint our wicker baskets and…the idea list went on and on and on. But it occurred to me that not only did I not have the time for so many projects…but since I’ve not picked out a color scheme (or even a direction) for our next home, a lot of this effort would potentially be going to waste!

Therefor, I decided THIS makeover, instead of being big, bold and beautiful, would instead be a “return to neutral.” Not only did this plan rid my bedroom of the orange and pink I was so sick of, but it provided me with a clean slate that will (hopefully) translate to a new color scheme in our next home. Maybe I should have called it a Master Bedroom Facelift, instead!

So without further ado…here are some before and after shots!





From just looking at these pictures, it almost looks like I just edited my photos to be a different color scheme – lol! Trust me – these changes are real! I simply kept all the basic elements the same and made some super easy (and pretty effective!) swaps.

So what about that $150 budget? How did I use it?

  • (top left) new taupe suede curtains from IKEA (these are the same curtains that match the rest of my house)
  • (top right) this dramatic duvet comforter and shams were on sale online at Target
  • (bottom left) I picked out this Waverly fabric on the bolt but it was $35/yard..what luck to find a remnant 50% off by the cutting table…I love how the french script ties into the decal pattern on the wall!
  • (bottom right) new damask sheets purchased from TJ Maxx
And the rest of the changes were all accomplished with items I had on hand!
  • (top left) I stripped off the pink fabric (held on with double stick tape) and added simple grosgrain ribbon to the lamp shades
  • (top right) I used wallpaper I already had and made my own decals
  • (bottom left) I cleaned up my shelves, got rid of some items, and found some other items around the house that coordinated with the black/gold/white theme
  • (bottom right) the frames were already matted with wallpaper and had the photos in them from a previous project I abandoned for the living room. They were a simple add to tie everything together!
Lastly, in my cleaning and sorting and re-arranging, I came up with two clever solutions that have really helped keep our room tidy!
I kept the bottom two shelves clear in order to hold our throw pillows at night (no more pillows on the floor!)…and I moved those wicker baskets to underneath our bedside tables to hold jammies, slippers and books! Will definitely be doing both of these things in our next home!
So there she is! Although it’s not the stunning new room I was dreaming of, I am really proud of myself for 1) sticking to my budget, and 2) being realistic about my living/moving circumstances. The orange is gone…the room looks and feels fresh, and now I have a clean slate to start from when we get into our new space.
And you know I am already having fun envisioning how I want to move this look forward. I am thinking pops of bright yellow or cyan green as accents…but we’ll see…only time will tell!
See You Soon!