The great house purge continues, and so does the un-earthing of treasures and supplies bought for projects that were never gotten to! (Enter from stage left: a planter box from HomeGoods and a leftover sheet of gorgeous tile purchased at a yard sale!)

Tiled Planter Take 2-001

Toward the end of last week, I was cleaning off my front porch when I came across this planter box. I actually bought it almost two years ago when I was searching for a planter to make my Chic Tiled Herb Garden (below) – one of my all-time favorite projects.

Tiled Planter Take 2-002

At the time, I opted to use the square planter instead of the rectangle one; but I loved the shape and size and versatility of the rectangle planter, so I never returned it. When I came across it last week, I remembered I also had an extra sheet of tile from the same project tucked away in the garage. After some brainstorming and fiddling around, I came up with a plan to (finally) give the rectangle planter an overhaul. After a few DIY hours this weekend, my square planter now has a very be-jeweled little sister!

Tiled Planter Take 2-003

I’m not going to repeat the full tutorial here, because I essentially did almost the exact same thing I did to the bigger planter, sans the wood shims. Essentially, I primed the planter and then gave the edges and shorts sides two good coats of white glossy spray paint. Once dried, I taped off the top and painted the inside blue (see more of that below). I then applied the tile to the two long sides, using tile glue, and grouted the tile with white non-sanded grout (which, by the way, was the only thing I needed to buy to complete this project!).

Tiled Planter Take 2-004

One of my favorite parts of the original tile planter was the turquoise inside, so I repeated the same touch here (the blue is Martha Stewart Lagoon). I just LOVE that full expanse of tile across the front and back of the planter – so pretty! And my favorite element is the exposed tile edge across the top of the planter. Just love the nice clean edge with the tile and grout!

Tiled Planter Take 2-005

Tiled Planter Take 2-006

Just like the original, this project was super easy and super gratifying because the results are just SO stunning!

Tiled Planter Take 2-007

Although they look lovely on our porch with our turquoise chairs, these planters actually live inside in the dining room, where they get great light and add a bit of sparkle to the space. I really love how they coordinate but don’t match.

Want to know a fun fact about the plants in this new planter box?

They were actually from a sympathy basket at my Mom’s funeral back in January. I’ve kept them alive all this time and now I have finally given them a proper home! Hmmm…don’t look too hard at my basil though, it clearly needs water! Ooops!

Tiled Planter Take 2-008

I’m LOVING finding projects right inside my own home. I’m keeping myself busy, saving money AND cutting clutter all at the same time! That’s a win-win-in in my book!

Tiled Planter Take 2-009

Hope you’re all having a great week! I’m trying to strike a good balance between summer fun and my project to-do list and not doing a very good job – seeing my little guy discover the joys of swimming pools and beach sand is just too exciting. I’ve got some good things in the works though, so check back here again soon!


See You Soon!