Gosh, it feels like ages since I posted about anything in the Master Bedroom. I was this close to having the room done, and then I got totally distracted with Halloween and the Office that those few finishing projects got put on the back burners. In my recent creative flurry of productivity, I knocked out two projects that have been on my list for a while…two simple things to bring a little more sparkle to our bedroom!

Bedroom Sparkle-001

Here’s the last you saw of this wall in the Master Bedroom. I already showed you how I made the headboard and the shams; I gave you all the details on our French Provincial “side table”; and then talked about how that little dresser caused more side table issues than it solved. Then I moved on to the Big Grey Dresser…and then I got distracted with lots of other things.

Bedroom Sparkle-007

But two pretty simple projects later, this side of the room now feels complete…and a heck of a lot more glamorous!

Bedroom Sparkle-002

The first big addition was this new mirror over our bed. I scored it for about $30 from Kirklands (I got it so cheap because I had a coupon, it was on sale, and I got extra off because it has a teeny-tiny scratch!) I really hemmed and hawed about putting it over the bed because we already have a big glitzy mirror in this space. Also, the mirror had a bronze finish to it which completed with all the other silver accents in the room. After months of trying to find a different home for the mirror, I decided this was the spot. Some spray paint fixed my bronze dilemma – I’ll have the full tutorial how I transformed this mirror for you on Friday!

Bedroom Sparkle-003

The other addition was a simple sequin pillow!

Bedroom Sparkle-004

I wanted a sequin pillow here long before I started seeing them pop up in all the stores for the holidays. Instead of buying a whole new pillow, I bought some sequin fabric and covered a pillow I had stuffed in the closet. In the end, it was less money out of my pocket and something else out of storage! This little guy took me about $6 and 30 minutes. Friends, if you don’t know how to make pillows…learn now – it’s the quickest and easiest thing you can do for your home!

Bedroom Sparkle-005

This room is a dark little cave with little-to-no natural light (and it doesn’t help that we painted it dark grey). But by adding a ton of reflective surfaces with an extra mirror and a sequin pillow, this room feels lighter and brighter…EXACTLY what this room needed!

Bedroom Sparkle-006

I am about THIS close to calling this room done. One more little nook to pretty up for the camera and its ready for it’s full reveal! As I mentioned, I am going to show you how I transformed that mirror to perfectly suit our home on Friday, so be sure to come back and see me then!


See You Soon!