If you’re anything like me, you may still have a fair amount of holiday shopping left to do. And if you’re also like me, you might be eagerly looking for ideas to give a few hard-to-shop-for people. This year, instead of hunting around for the newest, latest, coolest things that I can’t really attest to, I thought I’d instead share a roundup of our favorite things. With very few exceptions, everything included in my Holiday Gift Guide 2020 are products we own, LOVE, and enthusiastically recommend. From organization and DIY picks to tried-and-true toys and our favorite “adventuring” gear, I’ve got ideas for pretty much anyone on your list! Let’s get to it!

Holiday Gift Guide 2020

PROGRAM NOTE: If you’re here looking for my monthly Coffee Break, I’m so sorry! Since “time is of the essence” on holiday gift ideas and projects, I’m going share these first over the next few weeks. I’ll do my Coffee Break (to wrap up our holiday season and catch up) at the end of the December! 

Come the New Year, anyone and everyone will be ready to organize! Give the gear they’ll really need to make their spaces look amazing!Holiday Gift Guide 2020

  1. Velvet Non-Slip Hangers – These hangers really do make a world of difference when organizing a closet, and would be great for anyone gearing up for a wardrobe overhaul or closet clean out. (Add a Wardrobe Builder for a complete gift!)
  2. Gold Bin Clips – These are one of my all-time favorite ways to label baskets in our home(s). A set or two would make great stocking stuffers.
  3. Zebra Pens – These pens are actually on my own Christmas List this year, but I have on good authority from several sources that they are worth every single 5-star review!
  4. Rainbow Zipper Pouches – I use these in countless ways around the house. They’d be especially fun loaded up with gift cards, candy, pretty pens, or hair accessories.
  5. Post-It Notes Limited Edition Color Collection I am always playing with Post-It Notes; and with 15 different colors to choose from, imagine all the color-coding possibilities!
  6. The Home Edit Life Book – Organization inspiration and practical how-tos are pulled together in one handy, gorgeous book!
  7. Tab Punch & Coordinating Stickers – This is a fun tab-making kit, perfect for journalers, planner-lovers, students, and Bible studiers.
  8. DYMO Label Maker & Clear Label Tape – This labelmaker is a tried-and-true goodie that is easy-to-use and provides lots of font and tape options.
  9. Cricut Joy – The Cricut Joy is a great surprise for anyone who loves making labels and other pretty things for the home. See my complete Cricut Joy Shopping Guide for my picks.
  10. 2021 PowerSheets – I’ve used the PowerSheets Goal Planning system for 4 straight years, and they are my “secret sauce” for getting things done day after day, month after month.
  11. Weekly Planning Notepad – This is the handiest little notepad you’ll ever buy. Great for stockings or even busy girlfriends and co-workers.
  12. Magnetic Page Markers – These pretty tabs are great for planners, books, journals, cookbooks, and more.
  13. Everyday Patterned Notebooks – I love the patterns and quality of these sweet notebooks. Buy a set, split them up, and add vinyl monograms or words to make easy personalized gifts.

From small crafts to larger DIYs, the right tools make all the difference. Here are my favorite budget-friendly picks that I rely on over and over!Holiday Gift Guide 2020

  1. TrueControl Knife – No matter what kind of crafting or DIYing a person does, this precision knife will come in handy on practically any project! This is easily one of my “top 5” items in my craft room.
  2. Cordless Iron – I never knew how annoying the cord on an iron was until it wasn’t there. This is a luxury for sure, but so worth it for anyone who sews, quilts, or irons frequently.
  3. Gorilla Glue & Tombow Glue – These are my two favorite glues for a vast majority of projects and are great for stuffing into stockings.
  4. Cricut Tool Organizer – If your Cricut lover has everything they need, check to see if they have this awesome tool organizer. I love that it keeps all my blades safe, handy, and on pretty display!
  5. Dewalt Cordless Screwdriver – We have the older version of this screwdriver and use it on everything from hanging pictures to quick IKEA builds.
  6. Spray Painting Handle – This is such a hand saver for anyone who loves to update items with a can of spray paint.
  7. Rotary Cutting Set – Avid readers will know that I use my rotary cutter, ruler, and self-healing mat all.the.time. From cutting fabric and strips of wallpaper to slicing wrapping paper and measuring labels, this is another “top 5” item in our home. This Cricut Version is also really good and on clearance right now!
  8. Purdy Paint Brushes – This is another great stocking stuffer for anyone who loves to update rooms or furniture on a whim!
  9. 8″ Level – This compact level constantly comes in handy and is worth adding to your collection if you don’t have one.
  10. Cricut Machine – I of course can’t compile a gift guide without my #1 DIY companion. You can see my Cricut Shopping Guide for my very favorite picks HERE.
  11. Good Scissors – A good, clean, sharp pair of scissors is always a good gift no matter the occasion.
  12. Lady’s Tool Set – I received a basic tool set as a college graduation gift, and it was one of the best things I ever been given. Although the one I got wasn’t this cute, this version has all the basics any new homeowner or first-time renter could need!

I am a homebody through and through (even before 2020!). Here are some of my favorite finds for staying comfy and cozy at home!
Holiday Gift Guide 2020

  1. White Coffee Mugs – I bought a set of these to make into Peppermint Gift Sets, but Greg is so obsessed with them that we’re adding more to our collection!
  2. Air-Tight Storage Container – This is a stylish and functional way to store your coffee beans so you can assess stock at-a-glance.
  3. SWIG Coffee Mug – I loved my first SWIG Coffee Mug so much that I invested in a second just for water. I’m secretly hoping this Jingle Jungle version is under the tree this year for Christmas Cocoa!
  4. Kindle Paperwhite – I jumped for a Kindle a few years back on Amazon Prime Day, and I pretty much haven’t put it down since. I love having new-to-me books available at my finger tips, as reading is one of the only ways I can get myself to not work in the evenings.
  5. Neck Massager – We just got this for Greg’s birthday, and we pretty much take turns with it all night, every night!
  6. Cozy Minimalist Home – This is one of my favorite books about simple (pretty) living, and I can’t wait to add the new companion book, Welcome Home, to my collection.
  7. Egg Sandwich Maker – This was one of our favorite Christmas gifts last year. We love a good egg sandwich, and this is such a quick (and tasty!) brunch and lunch alternative.
  8. Wool Dryer Balls – If you have a neat freak on your list, these wool balls are a great green way to keep laundry fresh.
  9. Air Purifier – All of my boys have allergies, and this air purifier helps everyone breath a little easier.
  10. Pom-Pom Blanket – You guys know I love a good pom-pom, and this cozy throw comes in lots of great colors!
  11. Bath & Body Works 3-Wick Candles – I love stocking up on these candles in festive scents and adding decorative monograms to give as gifts. See how HERE.
  12. Throw Pillow Covers – I love MIULEE’s throw pillow covers (so cheap and so nice!), and I just added these furry ones to our couch for the holiday season!

We spend most of our family vacations in National Parks, and have spent a vast majority of the pandemic out hiking on trails as a family. We love being outside but have learned the right gear makes all the difference. These are our tried-and-true picks we couldn’t do without!

  1. Osprey Child Carrier – This sturdy, high-quality pack is the only way we can keep the 1-year-old happy and comfortable. Worth every single penny if you hike a lot as a family.
  2. Sports Wagon – After carrying chairs, waterbottles, snacks, and more to-and-from soccer games all Fall, we just bought this wagon on Amazon Prime Day. We are SO impressed with its sturdiness and how it collapses down for easy storage.
  3. Child-Sized CamelBak – Our boys carry their own water, toys, and snacks on family walks, and these mini-sized packs make it fun and easy for them.
  4. FitBit Versa – After struggling to find a “smart watch” I liked, Greg bought me this one for my birthday last year and it’s the perfect blend of size, function, and usability!
  5. Freezable Sacks (Lunch & Snack) – These freezable bags are great for keeping snacks cool and fresh on family hikes.
  6. Outdoor Portable Rocking Chairs – These rocking camping chairs are a great upgrade for anyone who spends a lot of hours around a campfire or on tailgates.
  7. Aerobie Light-Up Disc – We love keeping this frisbee in the car for stops at the park, after hikes, and even nice evenings.
  8. Camping Hammock – This hammock is a new purchase we haven’t yet tried out (because family camping events were canceled all summer long). But the reviews are amazing, and we can’t wait to give it a go!
  9. Picnic Blanket  – This weighted blanket packs up super small (so it’s easy to throw in the backpack for picnic lunches), but has weights in the corners to keep it flat and in place.
  10. Wunder Under High-Rise Tight 28″ – These are my favorite workout leggings, whether I’m taking a stroll through the woods or doing a more vigorous workout.
  11. Mountain Hardwear Womens Dynama Pant – These are my absolutely favorite hiking/walking/outdoor adventure pants. I’ve had them for 4 years, and they still fit and look amazing. I’m actually adding a few pairs to my Christmas list this year because I’ve purged all others but these!
  12. Mountain Hardwear Women’s Dynama Short – These are the matching shorts to the pants above, and are my favorite for warm-weather activities. I love that they don’t look like workout shorts but feel like they are.
  13. Nike Women’s Featherlight Running Cap – I have several of these hats and wear them for all of our outdoor play.

With three busy boys, we’ve gone through A LOT of toys. Some we’ve worn through, others we’ve trashed, and a few have stood the test of time. Below are ones I whole-heartedly recommend for quality, value, and (most importantly) fun!

  1. Marvel Masks (Ironman, Captain America, Hulk) – These masks are awesome because they are made for smaller faces. I wish I could find them for every single Avenger!
  2. Remote Control Cars – I absolutely love the music these cars make. All three boys love playing with them; in fact, we’re considering buying a third so each has one!
  3. Kids Camera – Our 3-year-old got this camera for his birthday last year, and it was his favorite gift by far. The life-like camera sounds make the kid feel like a grown-up photographer!
  4. Dino Little Tykes Car – We love this fun and fresh take on the traditional red-and-yellow Little Tykes car. We’ve had it for 3 years, and it’s going strong.
  5. Skitch Skateboard – Our 9-year-old just got this for his birthday, and everyone loves it. The backpack makes it fun and easy to carry your board wherever you go.
  6. Plasma Car – We’ve seriously had this little green car for over 5 years. We all love riding it (yep, all 5 of us!), and it’s one of my most recommended outdoor toys for any family with kids.
  7. Magformers – These magnetic building toys are great for all ages (including adults), and we have added to our collection several times over. This year, we are gifting the round set to give us even more capabilities in our creations!
  8. Thomas the Train Wood Set – Years ago (8 to be exact!), we invested in tons of wooden Thomas the Train track and tons of wooden engines. Now with three boys, it’s one of the best investments we’ve ever made, as it is still played with daily (and likely will for years to come). I whole-heartedly recommend wooden track and trains over plastic, and this is a great starter set for any 1-3 year old.
  9. Minecraft Card Game – This was a stocking stuffer for our 9-year-old last year, but has (unexpectedly) turned into one of our favorite family games. It’s clever, easy, and quick…and is one I like to play even though I don’t know a thing about Minecraft!
  10. Ukulele – There’s something about kids and instruments, and this bright ukulele is a favorite with our two younger boys.
  11. Finger Elves – If you need some stocking stuffers, add these to your cart right now. My sister stumbled upon these spinning tops, and our kids seriously can’t get enough. They are easy, fun, and addicting to play with!
  12. Wheelies – Although these take some practice, they are a super fun alternative to a skateboard or scooter for older kids.
  13. Garmin Vivofit Jr. – Our 9-year-old has had his watch for almost three years. Not only is it a fun way for him to count steps, but it has been incredibly helpful as he navigates his own school-from-home schedule and reading times. If your child needs a watch, we absolutely love this one!

Alright! That’s a wrap on my Holiday Gift Guide 2020 (ha…get what I did there!?!?) I hope what I’ve shared here gives you some great ideas for anyone left on your list! If you have any specific questions about the products listed here, don’t hesitate to leave a comment and I’ll get back to you.

Otherwise, feel free to share this list on your social channels or with loved ones (especailly if there’s something here you’d like to see under the tree). Oh…and if you have any gift ideas you’ve LOVED, please let me know because I’ve still got some shopping to do!

See You Soon!