Hello Friends!!! I hope you all had a great Spring Break, and if you celebrated any of the many Spring Holidays, I hope they were wonderful! I’ve spent the last week or so spending some much-needed time away from the computer and my craft supplies. It is interesting to me that something that is mostly for leisure and is truly a for-fun hobby can become so laborious at times. When projects and computer time become more of a chore than they need to be, I know it’s time to take a step back. And sure enough, after a week or so off, I am ready to get back at it! Although things are starting to wind down for us here in North Carolina and our efforts will slowly but surely shift to moving, I do have a few fun things in the works before the moving trucks arrive. Before I get back to my usual posts though, I wanted to give you a few quick updates about what I’ve been up to and what’s coming up!

Let's Catch Up-001

I have a few projects I REALLY want to tie up before we start to pull this house apart! This quilt has been sitting in the sewing machine just like this…half quilted…for…oh….the last 2 weeks. For goodness sakes Megan, just get it done already! #procrastinatemuch?

Let's Catch Up-002

I’m working on a pretty fun partnership with Walls Republic. A few wallpaper-related projects are coming your way in the next few months. First up, I’ve got an awesome project in the works for using up these gorgeous samples…


If you follow the Official Cricut Facebook page, you may have recognized my polka dot wall on their feed this week! I entered an Instagram contest run through Vintage Revivals – the prize was a one year subscription to the Design Space image library. You guys, I won! They picked my photo, and I actually won! I still love that space and that photo SOOO much. One of my favorite spots in this house for sure…so it’s extra special that they picked it! Yee haw!!!

Let's Catch Up-003

The sorting and purging have (slowly) begun, and we just had our first pre-move yard sale this past weekend. I say first because I simply did a single pass through the house to identify the easily unwanted items. As we pull the house apart and get closer to our actual move, I think we’ll do one more sale to sell off paint, cleaning supplies, curtains and other things that won’t come with us! #hubbywilllovethat I have discovered the simplest, quickest and easiest way to price items…I’ll share it next week, complete with a downloadable file!


It’s been a long time since I’ve taken a class or learned a new skill, so I jumped at the chance to learn Adobe Illustrator through a 5-week online class offered by Lauren of Elle & Company. We’re only two weeks in, and I know learning this software will expand my capabilities and what I can offer here at THIHM and beyond. Just taking the class alone has inspired me to think about what more I can do and what more I can/want to create. It’s also a good reminder to never get too comfortable in my current skills because there is so much out there to learn, see and do. I needed that right now. #neverstoplearning

Let's Catch Up-004

With the arrival of Easter last weekend, Lent ended. (You may recall I gave up shopping/spending for Lent). Last year, the whole experience was intense and eye opening and transformative. I even wrote two whole posts on how it went and what I learned. This year, it didn’t feel as challenging or as transformative. In all honesty, I wasn’t really in the “mood” for Lent this year, and as such ended up being a bit easier on myself. I still allowed myself to shop for products and supplies for certain blog projects, and then there was Henry’s birthday. Sometimes his birthday falls before Easter and other times it is after. This year, his birthday was before, but I didn’t want my no-spend pledge to compromise my vision for his party. Yes, I’m fully aware that all of that somewhat misses the whole point of sacrificing during Lent.

While I did mostly keep my spending to a minimum all around and did experience that internal struggle of “I really want that but I can’t buy it now” on several occasions, my head and my heart just weren’t into it this year. Maybe it’s because we’re moving, maybe it’s because we were so busy with other things that shopping wasn’t alluring me…I don’t know. I think at the heart of it, last year, I was open to the whole experience changing me…and for a long while, it did. This year, I felt more like I was just waiting for Lent to end so I could go buy a few things I’ve been wanting. I acknowledge that some years are better than others…and with each Lent that comes around, I am in a different spiritual and emotional place based on what’s going on in my life. So I’m not judging myself too harshly. However…I did run errands the other day and found myself constantly telling myself “now Megan, you really don’t NEED that”…so maybe it wasn’t a complete failure after all 😉

All that….and oh yea, we’re moving. Have I mentioned that? Really soon, too. I need to start getting my act together. I have a few final spaces to photograph, and then it’s time to start peeling vinyl and taking pictures off the walls. Ho hum. I hope you guys have a great start to your week. With a week to refresh, I’m ready to hit the ground running! This week, I have a pretty awesome product review to share with you guys on Wednesday, as well as reveal all of Henry’s 4th Birthday party details on Friday – can’t wait to show you how the party came together. See you back here soon!


See You Soon!