Happy August, friends! Summer is flying by, and I can’t believe we are weeks away from the start of school. Our August is a bit packed with a quick getaway and prepping two kids to head back to school full time (hooray!) But before all that, it’s time for our monthly behind-the-scenes check in! In this month’s Coffee Break, I’m sharing really exciting news related to our next relocation (yep, it’s that time already!), as well as a big step for me here on the blog. So grab your favorite drink and a snack, and let’s catch up!

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We’re Moving – Yep, Again!

Just last week, Greg received some very exciting news that has essentially been his entire career in-the-making. He was selected for Command, which means he will be given the awesome opportunity to lead a battalion of Marines. Greg has worked so hard all these years…always ready, always eager, always prepared to do whatever the Marine Corps asked or needed. But being selected for Command is hardly a “given,” and it’s something you’re never certain will happen. Seeing his name on this very exclusive list has him feeling both humbled and honored and me beaming with pride while also buckling up for another exciting chapter.

As you might suspect, a new job for Greg usually means another move for us. So with this assignment comes a move back to Camp Lejeune, North Carolina sometime next Summer!

In the almost 17 years we’ve been doing this, we have never been back to a base that we’ve already lived on (we’ve repeated general locations, but not exact bases). Long-time readers might remember that 6 years ago, I couldn’t wait to get out of Camp Lejeune, even saying that “I’d never ever ever ever move back there again.” But time heals a lot of “wounds” and changes a lot of perspectives. We’re ready and beyond excited to be living in a place that is rich in the community, traditions, and memories that make military life so great.

Interestingly, we have also never known this early where we’re moving next. Assignments typically come down in late winter; the planning begins shortly after, with the move happening just a few months later. Knowing almost a year ahead of time brings some interesting opportunities and challenges. We are 99.9% certain we will live on base this time; and since there is one floorpan available to us (that I’m very familiar with since we’ve lived down there before), you better bet I’m already scheming and dreaming of what’s going where. A move one state away is also very different logistically than moving across the country or around the globe, so we are already trying to plan how seamless we can make this transition for our entire family.

That said…we’re also really aware that we have almost a full year left here, and we don’t want to spend it just waiting for this next adventure to begin. We’ve been given the unique opportunity to “read ahead” in our story, but that doesn’t mean we can leave this current chapter unfinished. So while we’re wrapping our brains around moving back to North Carolina and what that might look like, we’re also trying to stay grounded in the here and now and soak up our remaining time with family, friends, and our Nation’s capital!

I’m Hiring!

In recent months, I’ve started to accept that I’ve grown my site about as far as I can on my own. Don’t worry – this doesn’t at all mean I’m done creating content for you guys…in fact, quite the contrary! My favorite part of this job is the content creation, but there is SO much more that has to happen behind the scenes in order to grow and evolve with the ever-changing Internet landscape. For years, I have downplayed or neglected certain aspects of this gig, simply because I can only do so much in the time I have available. But now after years of hustling on my own, I am finally in a position to hire a Virtual Assistant to pick up that slack and propel me forward!

I am sharing this here for a few reasons. First, these Coffee Breaks are where I catch you up on “life behind-the-blog,” and this one is a big step for me emotionally, financially, and professionally. But also, because I want to get the word out! I would love nothing more than to hire someone who is intimately familiar with everything I do here. So if you are interested in a Virtual Assistant position, please check out the Job Application and apply if you’re a good fit. Also feel free to forward the link along to anyone you know who might be interested!

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Ask Megan

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That’s it for this month’s Coffee Break. Thanks for catching up with me, and I hope you have a great month ahead!

See You Soon!