Happy May, friends! I have to apologize for my slight delay in this month’s Coffee Break catch-up. The tidal wave of moving tasks has officially crashed ashore, and time literally seems to be slipping through my fingers. But I love writing these casual catch-ups as much as you guys love reading them, so I wanted to be sure to squeeze it in before getting back to the usual home and craft tutorials. So grab your favorite beverage and snack…and let me fill you in on the main thing going on in our lives behind-the-blog: our upcoming move!


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How I Really Feel About Moving So Much

Most of the time here on the blog, I have a pretty chipper attitude about moving. I share lots of tips, tricks, and anecdotes for making everything “go smoothly,” and I might even give off an impression that picking up our entire livelihoods and moving them from one spot to another is no big deal.

But I’ll be honest with you: most of those happy, helpful posts are written in the “calm middle.” The period of time between moves. The months and years that I’m not living and breathing moving logistics. It’s actually a lot like childbirth! I can usually look back on a move (or forward to our next one) with really positive feelings. But when I’m in the middle of it? I remember how truly awful and stressful it is and how I never ever ever want to do it again.

That’s me right now.

We are currently neck deep in tasks getting ready for our 9th move. And guys, I hate it. No amount of moving box labels makes it easy to see all our belongings pulled out of every closet and drawer. No spreadsheet ensures I don’t forget the school records or prescription pickups or some other important thing. And no amount of color-coded checklists help me feel completely, totally in control. All these things certainly help and do make a difference, but they just can’t eliminate the total feelings of overwhelm that come with a big move.

I will freely admit our moving tasks are compounded by everything I do and show here on the blog. When you move into a new home, it’s so fun and exciting to do alllllll the things, isn’t it?!? You’re excited and energized to paint the walls and hang the curtains and make that house feel like your home. Heck, I’ve built an entire business on the value and importance of that concept. But guess when all those things aren’t so fun and thrilling…and in fact, seem like such a horrible idea? When it’s time to take it all down. Whomp.

You better bet that I look at every project I’ve done in this house and think, “Really, Megan? You had to take down that light fixture? And you had to paint the laundry room? And you had to put that many holes in the wall?” Yes – pulling our homes apart is both physically and emotionally draining. Decorating a home does indeed make more work when you have to un-do it all (compared to if you had nothing at all), and I do find myself cursing my own creativity during a move out.

But then I remind myself that we don’t spend all our time moving. These few months of chaos and exhaustion are not our norm. What is our norm is the “calm middle,” when the curtains and paint and wallpaper are truly 100% worth it. Because they help me feel settled, inspired, comforted, and at home…no matter where we are or for how long.

Yes…taking our homes apart is indeed awful on so many levels. And I hate myself every time for all the extra work I create for Greg and I. But you better bet, I’m going to turn around and do it all again.

When I “Stop” Decorating a House Before a Move

I couldn’t help but chuckle at one of the “Ask Megan” question I received a few months back: “Megan, when do you stop decorating your current house, knowing a move is coming up?”

I feel like this is another one Greg should give you the skinny on, but I’ll tackle it this time! Almost every single time, I am doing things right up the very, very end. I know, I know. I’m ridiculous. Greg jokes that I am literally hanging the last piece of art on the wall as the moving trucks are pulling in the driveway; and that’s pretty accurate.

In North Carolina, I did this trunk makeover in the final week before the packers came; and I just finished the artwork for Jack’s bedroom. I am sure there have been other last-minute projects over the years.

Admittedly, I’m in a unique position because decorating my home and sharing the tutorials with you is part of my job. Since it’s part of how I earn an income, I can usually justify the time and cost investment even if the project has a very short-term existence in real life. Almost always though, the projects I squeeze in at the last minute are ones that have been planned and supplies are already purchased…it just took me longer than expected to get to it.

Dark rocking chair in the corner of a nursery with artwork hung overhead

Other times though, I do have to just “Cry Mercy,” knowing that my “full” vision will never come to be. I never really finished our San Diego Master Bedroom; and in this home, I didn’t get our family room side tables stained or find one more set of pillows for the couches. While I think both of these projects will get tackled in the next home, it’s really hard to say. Each home brings a new set of projects to complete as part of an entirely different vision!

The Next Few Months

I apologize that this entire Coffee Break is moving related. But whether you’ve moved once or one hundred times, you know that moving is a significant emotional event that pretty much consumes every task, thought, and minute. So while we’re on the subject, I did want to let you know that these next few months here on the blog might be a bit bumpy. I am going to try my absolute hardest to keep to my usual publishing schedule (Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays). But we are heading into a really uncertain time when we just don’t know when we will get a house, how long we will be without our stuff, and (most importantly!) when I’ll have new childcare! Always know that if I’m not here, I really want to be; and I’ll be back as soon as I can, so check in frequently!

Megan from The Homes I Have Made sitting at a computer

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That’s all for this month! Thanks for catching up with me!

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