I’ll admit, I consider myself somewhat of a “yard sale expert.” After helping my father downsize, running 3 major estate sales, and conducting a pre-move yard sale every few years, I have the garage sale prep, setup, and pricing down to a near-perfect science! I recently shared a bunch of my tried-and-true yard sale tips, one of which is the importance of pricing your items. Today, I want to chat a bit more about why I think pricing is so helpful at a yard sale, and how to do it quickly and easily thanks to my own set of printable Garage Sale Price Stickers!

Printable Garage Sale Price Tags on a blue checkered background

Why Price Items at a Garage Sale?

To price or not to price, that is the question! I am pretty sure everyone has their own experiences, frustrations, and opinions about pricing yard sale items. However, after running countless successful sales over the years, I can honestly tell you that we find pricing to be 100% worth the effort. Here’s why:

  • Price Tags Encourage Browsers to Buy. If people can see the price you’re asking, they can instantly decide if they want it without having to hunt you down or get your attention. Just like red Clearance stickers at Target, sometimes the “right price” is just the push needed to move from considering something to actually buying it.
  • Stickers Help You Get Your Desired Price. If you’re not a quick thinker or you waiver on your feet, price tags can help you determine and get the prices you believe to be fair and reasonable.
  • Garage Sale Stickers Create Quick Transactions. If you’re not good at adding quickly or can’t remember what price you quoted a person 5 minutes ago, visual stickers will help you quickly and accurately tally people up and get them on their way.
  • De-Centralizes Checkout. If you have several people helping with your sale, price tags allow anyone to check out any customer, at any time…without having to come to you (the organizer) first to confirm “How much did you want for this?”
  • Create a “No Haggling” Environment. If your least favorite part of holding a garage sale is the haggling, here is my best advice: price things to sell (i.e., as cheap as you are willing to go) and then commit the following phrase to memory, “We priced things to sell, so we are not negotiating today.” Some people will push back, most won’t, and many will still buy what they’re holding.
  • Price Tags Give People a Starting Point on Negotiations. Even if you don’t have a “no negotiating” policy and will entertain offers, still price your items! Simply add OBO after the price. Just putting a “Make Offer” sign will scare people away because they likely don’t know where to start. Give a starting price and be willing to mark down as the day goes on.
  • Price Consistency. Garage sale stickers can help you price items consistently…both from item to item and customer to customer, which can help ensure you get what you really want for each item.

Why Print Your Own Price Tags?

Hopefully, I have you convinced that using garage sale stickers is a “must do” for a successful sale. But now, you might be thinking, “Pricing takes a lot of work!” or “My sale is this weekend, and I don’t have time to go find those little stickers.” I’ve got you covered!

Ditch the Store-Bought Stickers

Have you ever purchased a cute little set of garage sale stickers and had any or all of these problems?

  1. The garage sale stickers don’t stick to anything.
  2. You don’t have the price increments you really need (or enough of each one).
  3. Only 20 stickers come to a sheet and you find yourself going through sheet after sheet, pack after pack.

Years ago, when we had to sell off my entire childhood home after my mother’s death, we needed A LOT of price tags that we could peel and stick fast. So my sister created a simple set of printable labels for us to use over and over.

This file includes every common monetary increment, in the quantity you actually need, laid out at 160 garage sale stickers per page!

Printable Garage Sale Price Tags on a blue checkered background

I personally use these Printable Garage Sale Price Tags at every single sale we hold. Not only can I easily print as many pages as we need (or re-print certain increments based on what we’re selling), but the particular mailing labels they are formatted for are easy to peel and actually stick to everything (no more dots falling to the ground!)

Because of these labels, we are able to quickly and accurately price everything we have to sell. As the sale goes on and prices needed to be slashed, we simply go around and put new stickers over the old ones. It’s incredibly easy and incredibly efficient!

Ready to print your own price labels?!?

How to Print & Cut Your Own Garage Sale Stickers

Materials Needed

Step 1: Print

After you download my free Printable Garage Sale Stickers file, select the pages you need and print them out onto Avery Return Mailing Address Labels.

Printable Garage Sale Price Stickers on a blue checkered background

Notice there are two prices printed on every single label: one price justified left, one price justified right, with blank space in the middle.

This ready-to-print file features multiple columns of the most common garage sale prices ($0.25, $0.50, $1, and $2), with fewer columns of less-used values ($3, $4, $5, $8, $10) as well as blank stickers to type/write your own prices.

Step 2: Slice the Stickers Into Strips

Next, use a paper trimmer or scissors to slice down the blank center of each column, cutting all the mailing address labels in half.

Printable Garage Sale Price Tags on a paper trimmer

Keep printing and cutting all your labels until you have several vertical strips of each monetary increment.

Printed garage sale stickers on a paper trimmer

Printable Garage Sale Price Tags on a blue checkered background

These files are great because 1) they are done for you, and 2) you get SO many price stickers from one sheet (180 price tags from just one print out!) Isn’t that so much better than those boxes of sticky dots that have too many $0.25 stickers and not nearly enough $1s!

Hands holding stripes of printable garage sale stickers

Step 3: Price Your Items

To get ready for your sale, gather up your price tag strips, and quickly go through your items one by one. Without over-thinking, pick a price, find the strip, stick it on, and keep moving. At our last garage sale, I had everything priced in about 20 minutes since I had all the easy-peel prices right at my fingertips!

Hand holding a $0.50 price tag

If you’ve never priced items at your yard sale, I can’t recommend trying it enough. I promise it’s easier than you think and your sale will not just go more smoothly, but maybe even put a little more cash in your pocket. I hope this free printable file helps make your next sale a success!

See You Soon!