Happy New Year, friends! I know, I know…it’s February; and it’s been a little while since we’ve done a Coffee Break catch up. In blog-land, it’s somewhat of a sprint from Black Friday through the end of January; so each year, I tend to hunker down and plow through a bunch of time-sensitive content. But rest assured…everyone’s favorite monthly life update post isn’t disappearing from the schedule, and I’m back on track for the First Fridays of every month! So grab your favorite beverage and snack, and let’s catch up on life these last few months!

Megan from The Homes I Have Made sitting at a computer

COVID Christmas

In sitting down to reflect on what’s been going on since our last catch up, the only big thing that comes to mind is that our family got COVID over the holidays. Whomp. We’re a little dumfounded as to how, because we kept to a super tight family bubble…but that’s just the nature of this virus I guess. Thankfully, both Greg and I had milder-than-mild cases, but 2 of our 3 boys were pretty sick for a good 5+ days.

By the way, I wrote an entire Sunday Short about preparing your home for sickness (whether it’s COVID, flu, or anything else!). If you missed it, you can read it HERE!

While being sick certainly wasn’t fun for anyone, the hardest part of the entire experience for our family was the isolation, especially AFTER everyone was better. Maaaaan…nothing like having three boys who suddenly feel great and not being able to leave the house. By Day 10, I’m pretty certain we were all crawling the walls. But the “straw” that really broke this Mama’s sanity was when a massive winter storm and end-of-quarter teacher workdays canceled even more school. This week is the first time my two big boys have gone to school Monday-Friday since before Christmas, and all feels right in my world again 🤪.

What’s Ahead in 2022

2022 is shaping up to be an exciting year both behind-the-scenes and here on the blog!

Move #9

As most of you know, we are due to move south to Camp Lejeune, North Carolina in a few short months. This means that not only do I have lots of final room reveals of this house coming your way (very soon!), but also that there is a whole new house to get started on!

I will be the first to admit that moving every few years is getting old…but having a brand new house to “play with” is not. I’ve already got lots of ideas for our new home, and I’m somewhat chomping at the bit to get there and get started. (I may have already picked out a new rug for the dining room…just saying 🤦‍♀️)

This move will also bring full-time school/childcare for all three of my boys, which after almost 11 years of being home with kids, will prove to be “life changing” on lots of different levels. I am excited to see how this evolves both my home and work life (and that elusive balance I’ve been craving for what seems like forever). You better bet I’ll be bringing you along for all the home, moving, and life changes in the coming months!

Blog Content

Speaking of the blog, I’m really looking forward to 2022 for reasons that I hope are as exciting for you as they are for me. For the first time…ever (??)…I am 100% laser focused on bringing you guys a lot of really good content (hopefully, you’ve already noticed!)

As a blogger in the 2020s, there are expectations that you be everywhere and do everything: sell products, go live on Instagram, work with sponsors, write emails, shoot great pictures, make videos as well…oh yea, and be clever, helpful, witty, and fun too. As a “one woman show,” it’s hard to keep up and I’ve felt scattered and diluted in recent years. So I’ve decided to pour my efforts into where it really counts…for me and for you!

Megan with Laptop

Starting in January, I set a new schedule that really helps me plan and organize my content better, and I think you guys will love it too:

  • Tuesdays – Organization
  • Thursdays – Cricut
  • Friday – Home Decor/Moving
  • Sundays – The Sunday Short (quick tip email) – I receive so many notes from readers saying this email is the best part of their Sunday and that they get so much out of it. Be sure you’re on my list for this “bonus” weekly post!

I know some of you are only Cricut users, while a lot of you are never Cricut users. This schedule should help you tune in for the projects you want to see most…AND it helps me ultimately bring you more of everything in a really balanced way! Who’s excited?!?

Why I Didn’t Make Any New Year’s Resolutions This Year

Maybe it was the rush of the holidays or the blur of COVID, but this New Year I experienced something I haven’t in recent memory: zero desire to make New Year’s resolutions.

Usually, I am chomping at the bit to turn the page on the calendar, spend time soul-searching, define some priorities, and map out how I want my year to look with pretty pens and stickers and To Do lists. This year, I just didn’t have it in me…but I think I know why.

2021 was such a winding year with stops, start, and redirects due to school closures, childcare changes, massive website updates, and more. I never really felt like I got my feet under me, and any progress I was making toward my goals was on constantly shifting sand.

So when January 1, 2022 came around, I felt like I was just hitting my stride on a lot of the plans and goals I mapped out last year. One night while reflecting on it, I turned to Greg and said “I think I just need to simmer this year.”

Simmer – state of being just below boiling when heated.

It felt so contrary to the “girl boss” and “boss babe” and “conquer the year” messages that are so prominent every January (ones I usually whole-heartedly embrace). But the truth is…I worked hard in 2021 to “get things cooking,” and I didn’t need any soul-searching or re-direction just yet. What I did need was to hold the same “gentle heat” on in order to keep everything simmering. (Is my metaphor getting old yet?)

I share this only because I think it’s valuable to recognize that not every January has to have the “this is my year” fervor (boiling). It’s okay to let the calendar roll over and keep pecking away at the things that mattered just the day before. If you didn’t get there last month or the month before that, January 1st really is just another day to keep simmering.

Ask Megan!

Alright guys! It’s a fresh year with lots coming down the pike! If there’s anything you’d love to see me chat about in future Coffee Breaks (e.g., military life, Mom life, blogger life, wife life, etc), drop them in the form below!

That’s it for this month’s Coffee Break. Thanks for catching up with me, and I hope you have a great month ahead!

See You Soon!