In this month’s behind-the-scenes blog break, I’m giving an update on what’s going on with our latest move and sharing peeks inside our now vacated house! So grab your favorite snack and beverage, and let’s catch up!

When we move, I tend to keep it semi-transparent to you guys. I mean…you generally know we’re moving. But I can usually wrap up the reveals from one house; post some saved-up content; and then in very short order, welcome you to our next home. I don’t typically share our schedule or the behind-the-scenes views of boxes and trucks and air mattresses; and if I do post about our move, it’s typically once it’s over.

Welp…this one is going to be a little different, friends! Our moving timeline recently crystalized and we now know we are going to be without a home for 2 months. Yep…2 months of living with family, in a hotel, in an Air B&B, and then another hotel. While I do have some content saved up, I certainly didn’t save up 2 months worth of blog posts. And when your entire blog is based on the home…well, it’s pretty hard to pretend nothing is going on “behind the curtain!”

So…this time around, I’ll be pulling back the curtain and sharing a little more in real time. As in, right now, I’m writing this post sitting at my sister’s dining room table. My entire house (minus what we could fit into our cars) is sitting in a warehouse in North Carolina as we await our base housing to be ready in mid-July. I’ve spent the past week overseeing our pack-out and restoring our VA rental to its “original condition” on my own while Greg begins his very challenging new job in North Carolina. I’ll be honest…vacating a three story house with three kids underfoot was no small feet, and I’m physically and emotionally drained. Maybe it’s a good thing I have two months to fully recover before starting on the next one 😉

So my family and I now sit in the “messy middle” of our move. As much as I hate it, it’s also really familiar. This phase occurs pretty much every time. Sometimes we can line it up so it’s just a few days without our beds and space of our own. This one…8 weeks…will be the longest we’ve done in temporary housing. It’s such an awkward time since you don’t belong anywhere and you’ve got all this stuff tucked into every corner of every suitcase, plastic bin, and the car itself. All at once, it feels like you have too much and not enough. And no matter how much you think through everything you might need “just in case” your stuff ends up in storage, there is the inevitable…”Whoops. Didn’t mean for that to get packed!”

But having done this so many times, I also know that it’s all going to be fine. As chaotic and messy as this particular move is turning out, by the end of the summer, we’ll be in our new house, our kids will be making new friends, and I’ll have lots of new rooms to decorate and share with you. As I said in my last Coffee Break, when you’re in the middle of it, it all feels like too much. But once it’s over, you don’t remember much at all.

In the meantime, I do have quite a bit to share from our VA house still, including a few more room reveals plus some updates on how everything came down (e.g., Command Strips, wallpaper, the bathroom floor, and more!) So while our VA home has now been fully un-done and is waiting for its new residence, it will continue to live on here for a few more weeks!

(I plan to mostly stick to my usual blog schedule (Tuesday, Thursday, Friday), but may have gaps here and there. If you’re worried about missing posts, subscribe to receive new post notifications using the form in my sidebar!)

Finally, before I sign off, I thought I’d share a few informal snapshots of our last few weeks. To military families or those who move a lot, these scenes will feel really familiar. I think we have these exact same shots in each and every house. But I also know many of you who don’t live this lifestyle enjoy seeing these real-life glimpses…and this is about as “real” as it gets!

Thanks for catching up with me this month!

See You Soon!