This week we’ve been talking all about curtains! After making the case for why you should hang curtains and sharing 8 great tips and hacks for easily hanging them, today I’m popping in today with a really quick (like 8 minutes quick!) and super fun finial “hack”!

Knob Finials | A Simple Hardware Hack

I mentioned on Wednesday that years ago we bought a ton of basic IKEA curtain rods. The finials that came with those rods (back then), were a bit ornate for my taste and I never really liked them (you can see them a few pictures down). Now IKEA carries a ton of fun finial options, but I came up with a simple, affordable and really fun fix to the boring finials we already had! You probably didn’t even notice them in my pics earlier this week, but to me they are a fun, personal and handmade detail that simply makes me smile!

Knob Finials

Raise your hand if you’ve come across these awesome and very affordable boxes of knobs at HomeGoods/Marshalls/TJMaxx and was dying to buy them but had no use for them! Me me me! Well…today’s project will give you an excuse to finally buy them and put them to good use…and I think you’ll love how easy it is! I snagged this box of 4 knobs for $7 at my local HomeGoods…

Knob Finials-17

These are the finials that came with the IKEA rods…we seemingly have dozens of them.

Knob Finials-18

I grabbed the pack of knobs from HomeGoods on a total lark that I just might be able to turn them into finials. When I turned the IKEA finials over and discovered a hole on the inside just the right size, the project became much quicker and easier than I anticipated!

Knob Finials-19

I started by sawing off the top part of the finial to create a flat surface.

Knob Finials-20

Next, I un-screwed the nut and washer that came on the hardware.

Knob Finials-21

Lastly, I simply slid the knob’s screw into the top of the finial and tightened it down with a nut using a needle nose pliers (I discarded the washer because I didn’t really need it). The knob fit perfectly on top of the finial; and literally within minutes, I had much more pretty and modern finials for our curtain rods!

Knob Finials-22

Knob Finials-23

Most times, projects turn out to be much more complicated than I expect. This one, however, was so quick and simple I could hardly believe it!

Knob Finials-24

Finials are not something a lot of people notice, but  little details like these around our home make it feel more specialized, unique and personal!

Knob Finials-25

I was so hooked on the concept that I repeated the process using two more (smaller) knobs from the Home Depot for our master bedroom curtains!

Knob Finials-26

While larger knobs make for a stronger visual, these worked just as well and I love the sleek white detail on the end of the dark rods.

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I realize not every curtain rod or finial will be the same dimensions as what I’ve got here, and therefore adding knobs to your curtain rods may not be quite as simple…but the point in showing you projects like these is not only to give you a step-by-step tutorial, but also to urge you to think about how you can use, update and/or customize items you already have to work a little better or be a little more reflective of your personal styles and tastes!

And with that, I’m wrapping up all the curtain chat for a while. I’ve got a few more windows to figure out in the coming weeks, but we’re going to take a break and look at some other corners of our home that have been updated since you saw them last! Have a great weekend and I’ll see you back here on Monday!

See You Soon!