It seems like the minute I hit “publish” on my “final” craft room reveal post a few months back, I was back re-organizing the space AGAIN for what felt like the gazillionth time in the last two years. Okay – so maybe I am exaggerating a bit…but this room has been re-organized a lot, and I get that you might be over it already. I kinda hate to hit you with yet another craft room organization post for this space. But for one, I like to keep things real around here and show you what I am up to lately (and this one took a good bit of thought and time so I might as well share it!). AND, the reality is some spaces in our homes and our lives just need to be re-visited and re-analyzed over and over in order to get them working just right.

Admittedly, there was absolutely nothing wrong with the way this craft space was working. Actually, I genuinely thought this space was DONE and was loving how the space felt and functioned. Everything had a place, I could reach and find everything, and it didn’t feel too full or cluttered. But then my Mom died. My Mom, who was an incredibly gifted and lifetime crafter, also had an enormous craft “stash” that she left behind (and this time I’m not exaggerating when I say enormous!). In the wake of her death and dealing with all of her stuff, my sister (also a talented crafter) and I got to inherit a good bit of my mother’s lovely fabrics, notions and tools (including two new sewing machines!). In what felt like an instant, my perfectly organized craft space was over-run, and I had to give a whole lot of thought and effort to get the room back to where I needed it to be!

The main problem I was facing was fabric. Until this latest re-org, my fabric was stored on mini “bolts” on the open shelves above my craft counter. However, there was no more room up there to house the fabric I just inherited from my mom. I like to keep all of my “like things” together, so I had to find a new home for all of my fabric. Bummer, because this solution was actually working pretty well!

Craft Room Craft Wall-017

The only option I could really come up with was the closet. Now, I’ve only shown you the closet once before, when I made the labels for the baskets HERE. These baskets held all sorts of random craft supplies and notions; and although it didn’t look that spectacular, it was functioning great. But I had a feeling the cube shelves were the ideal candidates for organizing my fabric collection.

Craft Room Craft Wall-018

And I was right! After A LOT of hemming and hawing about whether to swap out all the baskets (and the supplies in them!) for the fabric, I finally went for it. It took a lot of fabric re-wrapping, as well as some much-needed purging to get it all to fit, but now all my fabric is in one tidy (and mighty pretty) spot!

Craft Room Craft Wall-019

The top 6 cubes hold all quilting fabric, including a hefty dose of white fabric I brought home from my Mom’s house. I really like to craft and quilt with white fabric, so I snagged it whenever I found some – turns out I brought home a lot of white!!! The bottom 3 cubes hold all my home decor fabric. I didn’t get any good pictures (because it’s a tricky angle to get), but there are three more cubes to the left of these nine that also hold fabric. The bottom cube holds specialty fabrics, the middle holds flannels, and the white basket holds all my pre-cuts (fat quarter bundles, charm packs, etc).

Craft Room Craft Wall-020

You might notice that I also have a different cardstock storage solution as well. I explained HERE how I used to store my paper, sorted by color, in these flat plastic boxes.

Craft Room Craft Wall-021

Well, my Mom had a nice big supply of paper too, and so my collection expanded beyond what I could fit in the plastic boxes. What started as a temporary solution in this plastic tub turned out to be perfect. I love that I can see all my colors at one shot, and getting one sheet out is no problem. Plus, the bin is just high enough that my paper doesn’t bend or fall! I have found my old plastic boxes are perfect for holding scraps or half sheets of used paper, still sorted by color. This bigger bin in the closet now only holds full sheets!

Craft Room Craft Wall-022

So what about all those white baskets that were holding a bunch more of my craft supplies in the closet? Well, they essentially swapped place with the fabric. And while I was almost positive I was not going to like this solution, I actually love the baskets up on these shelves! On the left side, I have three baskets that hold my newly-inherited embroidery machine supplies (i.e., hoops, bobbins, etc); all my stabilizer, interfacing and bonding materials; and my gift bags and gift ribbon.

Craft Room Craft Wall-024

Craft Room Craft Wall-023

On the right-side shelf, I have three more baskets that hold fabric scraps, my new yarn collection, and some random decor items that I’ve picked up and don’t yet have a home for (i.e., random picture frames and accessories).

Craft Room Craft Wall-026

Craft Room Craft Wall-025

I’m not sure why I was so against these white baskets on the top shelves, because I actually think they make the whole space feel lighter and brighter and less cluttered, at least compared to the stacks of fabric. These few pictures make it look like the whole swap was a simple process, but to get to this point (below) took days of chaos!

Craft Room Craft Wall-027

I really do love having all my fabric, down at eye-level and standing upright inside the cubbies in the closet. I feel like I can look through my fabric and find what I am looking for so much easier; and putting away is also a breeze compared to having to get a stool each and every time. The items that are now in the baskets up high are things I don’t use each and every day, so it really makes more sense to store them up there. Win win all the way around!

Craft Room Craft Wall-028

I’m thankful that with a few solid days of sorting and purging (of some stuff I really haven’t used in a while!), I was able to get this craft room back to a place where I could function normally again. All my new items now fit alongside my old stuff; and in the process, I may have made this space function even better! With the exception of setting up (and learning!) my new sewing machines, I am now calling this space DONE! (I hope I really mean it this time, for your sake and mine!)

I hope you all have a great start to your week! I’ll be back on Wednesday with a simple DIY storage solution for the Little Guy’s room!

See You Soon!