In my mind, there is no better organizational system than the IKEA Kallax. The reasonable price tag paired with their super sleek design, modular options, and generous cubby size make them ideal for storing a wide variety of things. Although the cubbies themselves are an organization dream, there are now so many different bins, baskets, shelves and inserts for the IKEA Kallax, meaning you can make the shelves even more functional and stylish than ever before! Today, I’m rounding up my very favorite products that fit into the IKEA Kallax cubbies (as well as other common cube systems such as the Threshold cubes from Target and the Better Homes & Garden series from Walmart). Let me show you!

Inserts For the IKEA Kallax

Years ago, I started investing in IKEA Kallax units because they have incredible versatility. We currently have 5 different units; and no matter the size of our home or its layout, I can always find places for them. To date, we’ve used IKEA Kallax units to hold toys in the playroom; fabric and supplies in the craft room; hats, shoes, and sunscreen in the foyer; and as console tables and media stands throughout the house. Additionally, I have outfitted the 13x13x15″ cubbies with all sorts of shelves, baskets, bins, and other products in order to make them hold as much as possible in really stylish, usable ways. Here are just some sample pictures of the same units across our last 4 homes!

Inserts for the IKEA Kallax

One of my favorite aspects of the IKEA Kallax is that the cubby size is really generous (13x13x15″). Not only does this give you a lot of space to work with, but it means they are sizable enough to be divided up and made even more functional. Here are a bunch of ideas I love!

Drawers. If you have smaller items that would get lost on big shelves or inside large baskets, using drawers are a great way to divide up the large cubby while still keeping things nicely concealed.

Wine Bottle Insert. If you are using the IKEA Kallax as a console table or sideboard, this is a great option for bottles of wine. I also have it on good authority that each 1/9 square cubby perfectly fits four boxes/rolls of Cricut vinyl. 😉

Shelves. I was ecstatic when I discovered IKEA finally released shelves for the IKEA Kallax. Although I wish they weren’t glass, they are super affordable and a great solution for splitting up cubbies for shorter baskets. The wooden shelf below (although designed for the Better Homes & Gardens cube system) will fit nicely on the Kallax and divide it up without having to drill into your unit.

Paper Organization. There are lots of great options for paper storage inserts for the IKEA Kallax. Do your research though. While these products sure make organizing your rainbow of cardstock a total dream, they can also be quite pricey.  The paper and vinyl storage inserts by The Steady Hand are some of the most budget-friendly and versatile ones I could find, except they don’t come in white.

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Doors for the IKEA Kallax

You guys know I don’t love the look of visual clutter on shelves. Although I tend to prefer bins and baskets for catching all the unsightly stuff, doors are another really stylish option. And beyond just hiding the items on your shelves, these doors can become decor statements in and of themselves!

Doors. IKEA makes a variety of doors especially for the Kallax, so you can be sure they’ll fit and can be customized any way you want.

Door Overlays. My Overlays is a company that specializes in wooden overlays that take your IKEA products to the next level. These door fronts can be painted or decorated to match your own style and color scheme.

Door Decals. Once you install plain white doors onto your IKEA Kallax cubbies, it might be too much white. Add a (removable) splash of color with a wide variety of decals in fun florals, geometrics and more!

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Bins & Baskets that Fit the IKEA Kallax

Alright, you guys know I love a good basket in general. But when it comes to the IKEA Kallax, I believe they really are the best way to make the most of every last inch. Not only can good-sized bins hold a wide variety of items, but now you can find them in so many stylish colors, textures and patterns! The IKEA Drona Bins are one of my all-time favorites (because they are so cheap!), as are the large round Y-weave baskets, and these blue mesh baskets. Half-tall baskets (like the Medium Y-Weave Baskets and the shorter Sprout Crate) work great in Kallax cubbies split up by shelves. Here are a ton of other lovely ones!

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Other Ideas for the IKEA Kallax

Items that perfectly measure 13″ wide and tall aren’t the only things that can fit on IKEA Kallax Shelves. Keep your eye out for products that fit within the 13x13x15″ dimensions and allow you to use your shelves in really unique ways. I personally use the acrylic dividers to hold all my cardstock on my Kallax shelves. And I’ve actually been looking for a way to store files in the cubbies; this fabric file box might be just the ticket!

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I had so much fun hunting around and finding various inserts for the IKEA Kallax. I hope this roundup gives you some ideas for outfitting your shelves in different ways, and I’ll do my best to keep this post updated as new products become available!

Inserts For the IKEA Kallax

See You Soon!