I’m not really a HUGE Halloween fan; but having my first real front porch coupled with all the online inspiration out there, I decided we could use a little Halloween “Cheer” around here!

First up were my stylish, Glamourous Pumpkins
I had such fun making these, that I went ahead and made my very first attempt at a holiday wreath!
Welcome Wreath
I started with these materials.
  • A Styrofoam wreath
  • A 50% off Halloween “Welcome” sign I found at the PX
  • A fabric remnant of this gorgeous black on black damask satin for only $2.50!
  • Tons of leftover orange suede strips I had accidentally cut the wrong size when I was making piping for these pillows.
First, I wrapped the entire frame with the suede strips, pinning them in the back with straight pins as I went.
Next,  I cut my black remnant into as many 5″ squares that I could.
Using this flower template, I made 5 flowers, each with about 6-8 “petals.”
I pinned them to the wreath using straight pins and adhered my Halloween sign with my glue gun.
Easy peasy and so much fun to do!
Since you can’t see our front door from the street, I hung it on a nail right outside our door! ( I REALLY want to hang it above the bench, but can’t figure out a secure way to do so…help!)
Painted Pumpkins
Now that my husband and I are parents and have a little one around, I am excited to start family holiday traditions. One that I am not so anxious to start is pumpkin carving.  I HATE carving pumpkins – they make such a mess, the designs never come out quite right, and they go bad so quickly!  Thankfully,  painting pumpkin faces in now a “legitimate”and popular way to decorate pumpkins – and that’s a tradition I am ready to start!
We started here…picking out He-Man’s first pumpkins!
  Here is what we came home with.
And after some acrylic paint and a few accessories, we ended up with these friendly fellows!
Don’t they just make you smile?!? It really is amazing how just a little bit of black and white paint can bring such personalities to big orange squash!
I’m a little late in the season to buy plants for my sunless porch 🙁  Now i need to come up with some creative uses for my pots…any ideas out there?

Last, is my 20-minute Halloween “Mantle“!  You see, I have these fabulous orange candlesticks (painted for my dining room…not Halloween!) and some other fun Halloween decorations lying around, so I figured I should put them all to good use for um…the next week!

A quick online search for some free printables, a 2-minute walk around my garage and craft room…and 20 minutes later, I ended up here!

What all did I do?

  • I filled my wire pumpkin with some leftover garland from these babies.
  • I re-position my candy jars from here to the top of my cabinet and added this adorable “Spellbound Sweets” from here.
  • I pulled out my awesome quilted pumpkin table runner made by my incredible mother!
  • I printed out a few more printables from here, here and here on photo paper to make them nice and glossy.  I framed two in frames I had in the garage, and used the stripes to wrap my candles.
Voila!  A little more Halloween Cheer around here!
See You Soon!