Halloween is right around the corner, so I have just enough time to share this last-minute Halloween idea with you. If you’re looking for a really, quick, and festive treat for your neighbors, teachers or co-workers, check out these Candy-Corn-Inspired Treat Jars. They can be pulled together super quickly and with just a few supplies, so you really do have time to pull these off – promise!

Candy Corn Crafts-008

After seeing a bunch of neat up-cycling projects on the web lately, I’ve taken to saving a lot of our glass jars from things like salsa, jelly, tomato sauce etc. Our Smucker’s Jelly Jars were just the right size for this project!

Candy Corn Crafts-009

After giving the jars and lids a good washing (inside and out), I gave the lids a few light coats of silver spray paint. While the lids dried, a soak in warm water and dish soap took the labels right off the jars. A little scrubbing took care of the sticker residue!

Candy Corn Crafts-010

I then grabbed a bunch of the Candy Corn White Chocolate M&Ms from Walmart and separated them out by color (with clean hands!).

Candy Corn Crafts-011

I found that each bag had different ratios of the three colors, but the yellow was ALWAYS in short supply. To fill three jars, I used ALL the yellows from three bags worth of candy, and had some orange and white leftover.

Candy Corn Crafts-012

The next step is pretty easy: fill the jars with the layers of colored candies and screw the lids on tight.

Candy Corn Crafts-013

Next, I gathered a few supplies from my craft stash to fancy up the jars. I printed some simple little Trick-or-Treat tags on the computer and layered them with orange and yellow cardstock. I didn’t use any fancy punches or dies for the tag shape – just scissors and a good eye! The little wooden tags with the letters on them are from an old project – I’m pretty sure I bought them at Michaels for just a few dollars. We were making these as teachers’ gifts, so I picked the first letter of each of their last names for the tags. I gave the edges of the wooden tags some color with an orange marker. Lastly, I pulled out some orange and white twine to pull everything together!

Candy Corn Crafts-014

I started by wrapping the twine a few times below the screw-top portion of the jar. This way, the twine can be seen AND the lid can be taken off without having to take the decorations off! I then threaded the twine through the paper tag and wooden tag and tied the whole thing off with a little bow.

Candy Corn Crafts-015

In just an hour, I had some festive (and personalized!) gifts ready to head off to the teachers at school!

Candy Corn Crafts-016

From our home to yours’, I hope you have a very Happy Halloween!

Candy Corn Crafts-017


See You Soon!