My husband and I had to got to go Halloween Party last week.  Since I’m not overly confident in my abilities to sew clothing (I’ll make a curtain or slipcover any day, but ask me to do a shirt…no way!), we decided the quicker and easier solution was to order costumes.  My husband has an uncanny similarity to Waldo (yes, that Waldo) and wanted to be Waldo and Wenda together (by the way, did you know there was a Wenda?  Really…she’s not just made up for Halloween…Look!!)

I very reluctantly went along with it (besides, I had other crafts occupying my nap times), but who knew we’d end up looking SO darn cute!

Since I had more ideas than actual progress on our baby’s Halloween costume, I thought it would be cute if we had a matching Baby Waldo to complete our set!  Surely a Baby Waldo would be easy enough to make!  I was originally going to simply sew red stripes onto a white onesie, but decided I was up for a greater challenge.

I started here, with 3″ stripes of red and white knit.

I sewed them together to make my own “striped fabric.”

I then used the free onsie pattern from here.  I ironed out my fabric to shrink it back up, and then cut out all the pieces.  I also used one of my son’s hats as a pattern for his waldo hat and used this tutorial to assemble it.

Then I had a problem…I had never assembled a shirt before, much less a onesie.  I pulled out an old Simplicity pattern I had that contained detailed instructions on how to assemble a onesie.  I had to figure out the neck and leg edging on my own, BUT, I figured it out…and ended up here:

Eeeeekk!  And what’s even cuter than an adorable Waldo onsie?  An adorable baby in the adorable onesie! Here’s our Baby Waldo to complete our set!

Isn’t he just the cutest little Waldo you ever did see?

Happy Halloween from the Waldos!

See You Soon!