I have been seeing some fabulous yarn and felt-flower wreaths all over the blog-o-sphere.  I just loved the coziness of them, and I knew I wanted to make one ASAP!  I finally got around to it this weekend and the project was so fun to do!
A few months ago, I had a decorating epiphany.  Instead of trying to force traditional holiday/seasonal color schemes (i.e., red and green for Christmas, etc) into your home’s color scheme (mine happens to be oranges, greens, and yellows)…use those colors to inspire your seasonal decorations – duh!
My first attempt at this concept was pretty successful when I used my curtain fabrics to make my decoupaged pumpkins.  
Here’s my curtain…
And here is that same fabric used on my pretty pumpkins:
So in making my fall wreath, I decided to use the same orange, yellow, and green color palate.  
I started here:

I simply wrapped my wreath with the yarn, starting with the green first to get the spacing right…

And then added the white.  It didn’t look “full” enough, so I wrapped the entire wreath again!  (Note – wrapping this wreath twice only used most of one skein of the ivory and one of green – I can return the other white skein!).

See?  Nice and cozy!

Then I used this tutorial and this picture as inspiration for my felt flowers.

Using florist pins (so that I can remove/replace the flowers later), I attached the flowers to one side of the wreath…
And ended up here:

Isn’t she pretty?

Now on to make all my Thanksgiving table decor to match!


See You Soon!