Anyway, I know as a blogger, I really should get seasonal projects up here on the blog in time for you to do them too. But, per my usual, I squeaked out a few oh-so-sweet teacher gifts last minute (as in: last night) and really wanted to share them with you anyway! I know I’m a bit too late for this Halloween, so bookmark these for next year! This same gift-box technique could also be used for the upcoming Christmas holidays…so maybe you can consider me early for holiday gift ideas – heh heh heh 😉 Let’s get to it, shall we?

Halloween Candy Boxes-001

I came across these neutral 3.5″ cube gift boxes in the Target Dollar Spot. Sometimes I snag up things like this just to have on hand; other times, an idea comes to mind right away and a project is born. So was the case with these. As soon as I saw them, I had a Halloween gift idea in mind! Specifically, I really wanted to make window boxes to hold some Halloween candy!

Halloween Candy Boxes-002

To make the windows, it is easiest to work with the box completely opened up. Simply separate the glued tab (below on the very left of the box) and unfold the four panels of the box.

Halloween Candy Boxes-003

To cut the windows, I used a scalloped oval framelet and my Big Shot (along with my magnetic platform = best thing ever!). To fit the box through my Big Shot, I did have to fold it back up. The cardboard is pretty thick, so you’ll have to run it through your machine to cut the first two layers, then flip it over and cut the other two layers.

Halloween Candy Boxes-004

Halloween Candy Boxes-005

Although the idea came to mind weeks ago, like I said, execution of the idea was somewhat last minute. I wasn’t sure what I was going to use as my see-through window. Looking through all my craft supplies, I had a brilliant idea: laminating sheets! I ran a few empty laminating sheets through my laminator to create firm, glossy, see-through paper…then cut them down to size to fit my windows! I secured the clear plastic to the insides of the windows using roller adhesive right around the very edges of the window cutouts.

Halloween Candy Boxes-006

Halloween Candy Boxes-007

Next, I assembled my boxes (although it is probably best to decorate them while flat, as well). My boxes were going to hold lots of little candies, so I really taped up the bottom of the box from the inside!

Halloween Candy Boxes-008

To make the pumpkin leaves, I cut a bunch of leaf shapes out of circles with a circle punch – this brilliant idea came from the very talented Amber. To make the orange pumpkin frames, I used the next two scalloped circle framelets up from my window box cutouts. Everything was attached to the outside of the box with roller adhesive.

Halloween Candy Boxes-009

Halloween Candy Boxes-010

I filled the boxes up with candy corn and tied them shut with pretty orange ribbon. Note: these boxes are 3.5″ square which holds A TON of candy corn, to fill them up I had to go buy more – ooopps!

Halloween Candy Boxes-011

Halloween Candy Boxes-012

To make quick little tags, I cut a bunch of flags from white cardstock, colored the edges with a marker and punched them with a small circle punch. Quick and easy!

Halloween Candy Boxes-013

All together, these turned out just so darling – I can’t wait for Henry to cart them into school! I love it when an idea in my head plays out just as cute in real life! I really enjoy doing small, simple craft projects like this. Having no rules and just trying things until something looks right really feeds my soul!

Halloween Candy Boxes-014

Halloween Candy Boxes-015

Sooo…Henry, Greg, and I have awesome family costumes for tonight. For a gal who doesn’t particularly love Halloween, I’m pretty giddy about it all! I can’t wait to show them to you. But since I’m still sewing a few last final items for Greg, I couldn’t get pics in time for today. On Monday, I hope to have all the details here for you! If you’re curious, you can check for hints over on Instagram!

Until then…I hope you all have a fantastic Halloween!!!!!

Halloween Candy Boxes-016 Megan

See You Soon!