We had a pretty big day around here yesterday and I’m so excited to show and tell you! I’ve dropped hints here and there on the blog, but have had to stay mum for security and safety purposes. Those of you that know us personally or who are veeeery good at reading between the lines were able to put it together…but for the last 9 months, our family has been incomplete.

And after months of waiting and counting down…months of long days and longer nights…months of keeping busy and saying lots of prayers…months of shedding lots of tears and sharing lives via phone lines and FaceTime…

We got to hang our yellow ribbons…


…and the helicopters arrived…


…bringing him home to us!!!!


Suffice to say, we’ve been through a lot this year. Three weeks after we buried my mother, Greg had to get on a ship for a long and tough deployment. He’s been to a lot of hot and dusty places, working tirelessly at one of the many, many jobs that keep America safe and free. Meanwhile, at home, I’ve been single mom, sole home-maker/book-keeper/dinner-maker/laundry-doer and more. I’ve been grieving the loss of my mom, alongside my amazing family as we’ve cleaned out my childhood home…and I’ve been (trying to!) keep this little blog of mine afloat…because honestly, bringing homemade pretty things into my life has never felt more necessary. Needless to say, we’re all pretty tired…and this happy day has really been too-long in coming!


As challenging of a year it’s been. I’ve also learned a ton about myself – isn’t that always how it is when we are stretched to our limits? I’ve learned that I’m tougher and stronger than I ever knew, that I’m more capable than I give myself credit for, that I have gifts and talents that I’m not yet sharing with the world. With Greg back in our lives, everything feels much more complete…and I hope, with a bit of time and rejuvenation, I can return to a state where I can thrive instead of survive!

The day that felt like it would never come, finally came.

And this moment….


…will stay in my heart forever.

(Family photos by Jessica McAndrews Photography)

See You Soon!