Hello, hello!  I am here, just busy…busy doing projects, yes…but more busy chasing after my baby! After weeks/months of anticipation, this week He-Man has mastered the art of mobility, and I realized an interesting irony:

The more mobile and independent babies get, the more tied down and dependent Mommies get!!
Gone are the days of plopping him down with a few toys and running around the house getting chores and projects done. I told you last week that I’d have a Master Bedroom makeover done within a week or so. Well…per the reason above, it’s not done yet. Boo. But, I am this close. So close, that I am ready to give you a sneak peak! Ready? Here you go!
Hah! I actually have more than that for you today. See that roll of wallpaper lying there? I bought it months ago thinking I would wallpaper the backs of these shelves. That idea turned out to be too busy visually, so the wallpaper got tucked up on a shelf for a rainy day.
Enter: a rainy day! 
I really wanted to use the wallpaper in my Mini Master Makeover (full post coming soon, I promise!). But, we are moving SO soon that I couldn’t bring myself to do something overly time consuming. Then I saw this picture on Pinterest and an idea was born!
I wish the pictures, did them justice, but these wall decals, cut from prepasted/removable wallpaper, are one of my favorite projects I have EVER done. They were super simple to create and install, and the effect is awesome! For military families, dorm rooms, or apartment living, these are a great alternative to painting! If we were going to be living here longer, I would have done the entire wall…but these two strips are just a perfect touch behind the bed…for now ๐Ÿ˜‰
I’m not one for doing tutorials because, honestly, I am better at following directions than creating them! But since I pretty much made this up all by myself (and as I went along!), I thought I’d show you how I did it!
Here’s what you’ll need to make your own:
Also, two things not pictured:
  • A level! Yes, you most definitely need a level! (Well, I guess you don’t if you’re really good at determining “straight-ness” or if you don’t care if things are straight!)
  • Water (duh!)

What exactly did I use?
  • this wallpaper from Lowe’s
  • a Cricut Expressions machine (not pictured here…I have a small one…I used my sister’s – she has the big mamma-jamma!)
  • I used one design from the Home Accents cartridge and a basic trefoil design (can’t remember which cartridge it came from!)
  • This roller and sponge are craft supplies I had on hand from stamping/cardmaking
  • My 9X13 roasting pan was large enough to hold my printed decals
  • My heavy, hunky level
And here is what I did!
1. Decide what your decals will be, how big you need to cut them, and how many you need to cut. 
  • I knew I wanted some sort of baroque or damask design, so I picked out a few elements from cartridges I had access to. (HINT: avoid any designs that have multiple “pieces” to them! The original design I picked had about 5 separate cut-outs, which would have made the installation process incredibly painful. Simple, one-peice shapes are the ticket!).  Also, you could draw or make your own, but with all the amazing machines out there these days, you can do some really neat designs!
  • I cut my shapes as large as I could (using a 12×24 mat). Unfortunately, I was limited by width (12″) rather than length (24″). So I picked 2 images that together made a longer deisgn. This way, I was able to cut 2 shapes per 24″ of paper.
  • Once I had one full shape cut, I determined how many I needed. Measure your wall space and then measure top to bottom of your image. Divide your wall/your decal and multiply by how many repeats you want to do. My design was a combination of 2 large cutouts, and from top-to-bottom the whole thing measured about 18.” I had about 5′ of space to cover above my bed, and I knew I wanted 2 rows of design…I ended up cutting 10 full sets: 10 v-shapes and 10 trefoils.
HINT: before you start adhering the decals to the wall, it helps to flatten them under heavy books for a night or so. Although it doesn’t matter once they are wet, it really helps to make the decals more manageable.
Before you submerge your first decal in water, identify where your decals will go. You CAN draw a vertical/horizontal line to follow along if you wish, but I found it pretty easy to put up my first one, and move out from there! I found the vertical center of my wall, and attached my first set. I then moved down measuring and pasting as I went. Then I went up. 
To attach your decals:
2. Submerge your decals in water. Swish it around and make sure all parts of your decal are fully saturated.
3. LOOSLY hang up your decal, adhering only the middle section of your decal. Use a level to make sure it’s hanging in a straight line. Even if adhered all the way, they are pretty movable for a little while (until the paste dries).
4. Once you are satisfied with your placement, smooth out the decal using your roller and working from the middle outward; make sure there are no air bubbles or extra liquid.
5. Using your sponge, blot up excess liquid and/or further saturate pieces that may look dry.
6. Continue to measure out and adhere your decals in the pattern you desire. Keep using your level to make sure your vertical lines are ending up vertical!
7. Step back and admire the view!!! (and pat yourself on the back for all your hard work!)
They really are simple, and the possibilities are endless! You can use any wall paper, any shape, and apply them to the wall in limitless patterns. I am just bummed I didn’t think of this 6 months ago when we first moved in. Oh well…I now know what my first project will be in our new home! 
Oh! And if you are wondering about removal? I did a practice one before I did all of them (I do learn from my mistakes!), and they peal right off – no tools required and no residue left behind. I am hooked!
That’s all I have for today, but I promise I will have some new posts up here soon. I really have been busy doing other things than chasing my baby around the house ๐Ÿ™‚
See You Soon!