If you’ve been coming around here for at least the past year, you’ll know that my entryway/playroom/living room is one giant room that I have had a tough time pulling together. I’ve made some big and bold decor choices in here that I love (striped walls, cornice boxes, a blue couch), but it has been the final, coordinating touches that have me struggling big time. I was headed down a path that was feeling too dark and drab, and not “me” enough. I know I’ve been saying this for a few months now, but I think I am (finally) on the right track to making this room fun, fresh, and perfectly us! I took a big direction change when I switched the color scheme in playroom area. From there, I’ve hit my groove and things are coming together and making me do a happy dance with each new change. Do you want to see the latest change to this space?!?

Remember our entryway wall? Yep – this one…

Lemon Lime Console Table-001

I truly loved this entryway wall, and so did many of you! But as other elements of the room came together (and the playroom got a brighter facelift), this wall felt dark and heavy to me. Yes it looked good; yes it worked…but it was really, really lacking some playfulness.

Would you beleive this is the same wall now!?!?

Lemon Lime Console Table-002

Yep – this wall got a big ol’ makeover that just came perfectly together this last weekend! Now we’re talking fun and fresh, right?

Lemon Lime Console Table-003

I actually made over the gallery wall frames a few months ago (at the same time I did the playroom). I was just waiting to find a good time here on the blog to update you on it. All I did to make this gallery wall lighter was (obviously) spray all the frames white and edit down – way down. I took down some of the elements that didn’t feel special or appropriate in this space and only left the few things that worked with the overall feel I was going for (namely, the star and the USA). I filled the frames with some of our recent family shots as well as a few little typography-style prints I whipped up in MDS. Nothing here was too hard or too fancy, but it made a world of difference in this room!

Lemon Lime Console Table-004

However, this little wall went from “great” to “wow” with the addition of this lemon-lime half round console table!

Lemon Lime Console Table-005

You’ve seen the other half of this table already – yup, that was it on our fall porch makeover. When we decided to cut this table in half, I knew exactly where I could put the other half – right here in the entryway! I actually never planned on putting anything under the frames here, but I fell in love with it the second we brought it in to test it (before spending the time painting it!). (In case you missed it, this solid pine table has been sitting in my garage/storage for 8 years and has never been put to use – now we have two great tables and one less thing in our garage – woo hoo!!)

Now about that color? You’ve seen it before here. It’s a quart of paint that was in the reject pile at Home Depot for $2. I kept staring at it and staring at it while I was waiting on a paint sample for something else, and just felt it had to come home with me. Somehow I knew the infusion of this color, in a very small dose, was exactly what this room needed. At that moment, I didn’t see this happening, but I am oh so glad I snagged that can of paint!

Lemon Lime Console Table-006

The true color is actually the color in the star on the wall – so that we wouldn’t need sunglasses as we walk into the house, I cut the neon-ish yellow with a very heavy dose of white. Yellows are tricky in photos and on the computer – I promise it’s not neon yellow. More a lemon-lime!

Lemon Lime Console Table-007

This little wall feels so much lighter and fresher to me, and it was all accomplished with some paint and some re-arranging. The yellow/citron is certainly a bold choice – but it’s a teeny tiny table, so re-painting it if/when I change my mind is no big deal! I adore how it nods to the green tones in all of our pictures. What luck!

Lemon Lime Console Table-008

Lemon Lime Console Table-009

Okay – and before you think I’ve totally gone off the deep end in my color selections, I think I know what I’m doing this time around – and I think it’s gonna work!

Lemon Lime Console Table-011

Just one more peak at the power of paint and shopping your house!

Lemon Lime Console Table-010

Ahhhhh. That’s the sound of me breathing again – so much lighter, so much better. This little lemon-lime table has made me so excited. It’s completely energized this room and energized me to get this room D.O.N.E!

Lemon Lime Console Table-012

On Wednesday, I’ll do a quick run-down of how I made this one sad pine table into two fantastic half-round consoles; and then later this week, I’ll have a fun Halloween project to share! Be sure to come back!

See You Soon!