Last week, I casually mentioned that while I’ve been working on an office makeover and a few other projects around the house, I also decided to do a major color swap in our living room/play room space. (You can read all about my reasoning behind the color swap {from red to turquoise} and see the sneak peek photos HERE!) Before I get into the details of how I pulled this color switcheroo off (it was easier than you might think!), I realized I owed you (and myself!) a full photo reveal of our new playroom!

Here is where we started…again, super-duper cute with the red, grey, and white color-scheme, but it had to change so I could make the rest of the room work.

After a few days and about $50 (I kid you not!), this is where the room is now!!!!

You can read all about our Magnetic Learning Center here! Now, I’ve cozy-ed it up with a few accessories, throw pillows for jumping and lounging, and a basket full-o-books!

Our toy storage shelf also got both an organizational and aesthetic makeover!

I’ll tell you more about these bins next week!

Our little thrift store play table, which was adorable in red, got a quick makeover with some turquoise paint and a fresh chalkboard top!

What’s on top of the table seems to rotate daily. For now, the blue bread box (found on clearance at Target) and our art supplies have their home here.

What’s in the breadbox you ask? Only my son’s favorite little Car friends! So simple for both big and little hands alike to open and throw cars in at the end of the day for quick clean up!

The train table was also given a little makeover to match the rest of the room!

I mean it when I say “little.” All I did was flip the train table top over. This houndstooth design was already on there! Remember?

The little drawer did get a fresh coat of paint:

As much as I miss the red, I think these colors and patterns work a little better with what we’ve got going on in the rest of the house!

And for those of you who are new and don’t remember the red playroom (and for those of you who just like a good “before and after” shot)…here’s where we started and where we are now!

I love the freshness and vibrancy the color swap brings to this space! What do you think? Did I get it right or was it better off red?

Next week, I’ll dive in a little deeper and spill the beans on how I pulled this quick color change off! See you Monday!

See You Soon!