It’s been a loooong time since I’ve talked about the kitchen here on the blog. It’s not so secret that I hate strongly dislike our kitchen. It’s a tiny-little-cave-of-a-kitchen that has builder-grade oak cabinets (and lots of them!), no windows, and no pantry. However, like most families, we I spend a lot of time in here, so I have tried my hardest to infuse it with some personality and creativity (see my vinyl “tile” backsplash and my cutting board kitchen art) to make it a more pleasing place to cook and clean. Besides the backsplash and some little wall space, there aren’t many other areas to “decorate”…well, except this odd little nook above the sink:

This little spot, which must have been a window once-upon-a-time, has driven me crazy. It was the obvious place for artwork or a spice rack or something fun, but it took me a long time to figure out what I wanted there! I finally decided that a display shelf was the best way to go. I don’t need any more storage space (did I mention this kitchen has a million cabinets?) so some fun kitchen art was my solution to finishing off this space!

Here’s how I ended up!

I started by making an Anna White’s picture ledge. For those interested in making them too–they’re super easy–no kidding! I am no skilled craftsman, but I know how to ask the guys at Lowes to cut wood for me and use a power drill/screwdriver, so this little shelf came together super fast. I kinda want to put them all over my home. Anyway, the shelf sat blank for a few months while I searched for just the right items to put on it.

At a local craft fair, I stumbled upon these awesome kitchen prints by a local photographer. They were absolutely appropriate for a kitchen without being overly cheesy (ha.ha.ha, get it?). My toughest time was picking out which prints I wanted.  This one is called Veg Head. Love those bright green veggies in the old-style mills!

The other print is called Old Cans – love the detail in it. I framed them both in old frames I spray-painted white.

The monogrammed cutting board and numbered espresso cups were quick, cheap DIY projects that I’ll show you next week!

I am always amazed at what a huge difference one tiny little project can make! For months, I glared at that nook above the sink, and now the whole space feels complete.

With this shelf complete, I have declared the kitchen “done,” making that space number 6 (out of 12) complete. Over the next couple weeks, when I can get some good sunlight (did I mention this room is a cave?), I will take some final pictures of the kitchen and do a full-room tour. I’m excited to get another space wrapped up!

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I hope you all have a fantastic weekend. Next week, I’ll show you those kitchen DIY projects in a little more detail and show you another big house update!


See You Soon!