About an hour south of where I live, there is a very, very dangerous store. It’s a fabric store where they have rows and rows and rows of decorator-weight fabric…all for $8/yard. Oh wait, not all of it is that cheap, excuse me…they have one corner in the store that has higher-end fabrics (and I mean HIGHER end), and those are $10/yard. Oh, and they have a flat fold table that has cuts for $5/yard. I don’t know how they do it, but this store has prints I’ve seen sell for $35-$50/yard all for less than $10/yard. Yikes!! I go to this store more than I should, and almost every time, I walk away with at least 1 yard of fabric…because come on, for $8, what’s another fabulous print in your fabric stash?

Over the past months, as I worked on other areas of the house, not quite sure of the direction I wanted to go in the Living Room, I slowly but surely accumulated a very nice collection of blue/white/grey/black patterned fabrics. Each one made my heart skip a beat when I saw it, and that was enough to tell me that I needed just a dose of each one somewhere in my house. When I was simply exhausted of this bland and lacking room not moving forward…

…I decided to dive into my stash of prints and do what any girl would do…make pillows! Lots and lots of pillows!

 For the longest time, I hemmed and hawed and hemmed again, trying to figuring out which patterns to use and which ones went together better…but then I just up and decided to use all of them. I went for the whimsical, everything will coordinate eventually approach…and I actually think it worked!

In one weekend, I was a pillow-making fool. I used mostly pillow forms or old throw pillows I already had – I just kept going to the linen closet and finding another pillow to re-cover. Some pillows are basic four sided pillows, hand-sewn completely shut on the forth side.

But most of them have an envelope back, so I can slip them on and off when my mood changes…which it will probably do in a month or so 😉

What really made all the patterns work together for me was the addition of black. Lately, I’ve really embraced the whole “every room needs a little black” approach, and I have to say, it’s done wonders for our family room. We have a lot of dark-tone furniture, so adding the black chevron and damask pillow just worked.

These pillows cycle around on a pretty regular basis. Most nights though, once Henry is asleep, the couch mostly looks like this…

But during the day, when that certain two-year-old is awake – the pillows are much better put to use as a giant jump pile!

At least it’s a pretty jump pile 😉

Tomorrow, I’ll be over at Positively Splendid sharing this month’s project. Be sure to check in to see what I’ve been up to this time!

See You Soon!