Phew! What a week it has been! The past few days have been pretty exciting with my feature over at I Heart Organizing (did you see it?). Many new friends have come over to say HI, introduce themselves and leave such wonderful comments. Welcome to all my new readers – I am SO excited you’re here!

Okay…before the holidays I hinted that I had some big “room” reveals for after the New Year. Well, today I’m gonna start revealing…begining with a smaller one: our new entryway gallery wall!

This diagonal wall sits right inside our front door. Ever since I saw the floor plan of this house, I really loved this strange little diagonal wall. I thought it had great potential for something really unique – a bight piece of furniture or some cool wall art or something, you know, just really cool. But then I got working on the hutch and display behind our front door (which is quite nearby)…and I knew another big piece of furniture in such close proximity would be too clunky.

Then, I wasn’t exactly sure what to do with it – this great wall, but no great ideas. I had an inkling that a gallery wall would be just the ticket – it is, after all, the very first thing you see as you enter the house. I toyed around with a couple different items on the wall, but the arrangement looked misplaced and very in-cohesive. Then the Tour of Homes was approaching, and I had to make some serious decisions about this wall – and fast.

I haven’t overtly mentioned this here on the blog, but we’re (slowly) working toward a “modern Americana” vibe in our whole main living area (entry, playroom, living room, dining room). I don’t want it to be in-your-face-USA, but hints of it sprinkled throughout. This gallery wall is a perfect example.

I started with a bunch of black frames with white mats (most of which I already had!!). I filled them with updated photos of our family (all printed in black and white to make the whole arrangement look less “busy”)! I then started to collect some items (some new and some from the garage) that brought the “americana” theme out and give the wall a fuller look.

ย What all is here? A really fantastic lantern wall sconce and mirrored star…

An adorable white bicycle (it was actually black iron and I spray painted it!)

Some simple mirrors hung on white ribbon:

A quick DIY fabric canvas (complete with nailhead trim) that I made using some fun fabric I had picked up to use somewhereย in the room (speaking of which, I really must stop doing that! My collection of grey fabrics is a bit rotund, and I can’t possibly use them all in this room alone ๐Ÿ˜‰

I also (kinda) made this fantastic USA wall art piece – I’ll have the full tutorial up for you on Monday!

There’s also a white star frame (upper right) to finish out the display. I just love the crispness of the black frames against the grey wall, and the accessories are just enough without being too excessive (I think???).

This wall literally butts up to a coat closet, which butts up to our hutch/entryway display (my very favorite spot in our house!). At first I thought a little too much was going on here, but I love each element so much I don’t want to change anything!

It’s a funny little entryway, but here you can see the whole thing (below). This is actually the first space in the ENTIRE house that we are official calling DONE! Gosh – it’s only been 6 months since move in…about time I finished something ๐Ÿ˜‰

After a lot of “hemming and hawing” about it, I am really thrilled with how this little diagonal wall turned out. There were a lot of things I could have put here, but I think this display is just right. I can’t guarantee it won’t get touched or tweaked as time goes on…but for now…I just love it.

Oh – and for curious minds who might want to know:

Black frames (top row and bottom row) – Michaels

Hanging photo gallery (middle) – Red Envelop

Lantern wall sconce – Hobby Lobby

Mirrored star – Local shop

White star frame – Local shop

White bicycle – Hobby Lobby

Hanging mirrors – Local store in Okinawa

Fabric canvas – DIY

Wooden USA – come back and see me Monday ๐Ÿ˜‰

I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend. I am doing some thrift furniture shopping (for our bedroom) and hope I don’t end the weekend empty handed – I’ll keep you posted!

See You Soon!