Hey Everyone! I hope you have all had a great week! I am super super excited for today’s post: our Fall 2013 Fall Porch makeover. This project was totally unplanned and somewhat spur of the moment and turned out better than I ever expected! I am crazy about our new porch look for Fall…take a look!

So why a porch makeover for Fall? Well. The last you saw our porch it looked like this (below). Lots of color, great patterns and super fresh decor – perfect for Spring and Summer. Fall? Not so much. I love our red garden bench and all of these patterns and colors for the warm-months; but every time Fall and Winter roll around, I find myself really frustrated with how to make red and turquoise feel Fall-ish. A few weeks ago, it occurred to me that I could put the red bench away for Fall – duh! It’s not bolted to the ground and we have space to store it. Once I freed myself from red, my brain was off and running…

…and after a weekend of a few DIY projects, we ended up here!

You want to know the BEST and craziest part? We pulled off this entire makeover using only things we already had around the house with the exception of a few cans of spray paint and some fresh mums!

This whole crazy makeover concept was born when my neighbor offered me these two wooden folding chairs a few weeks ago. They were white and in pretty rough shape, but I figured I’d take them and at the very least, could use them for extra seating for outdoor fire pit parties with the neighbors. Once the red bench was off the porch, new coats of paint for these babies moved to the top of the list. A fresh coat of primer, two coats of outdoor black spray paint, and a new pillow cover (using fabric from my stash!) gave them new life and provided me with a jumping off point for the rest of the porch!

My more colorful Fall decor was brought inside, and I saved the neutral pumpkins for our outdoor vignette. I added our white lanterns to round out the display – they seem to move indoors and outdoors with each change of the season 😉 I chose the black/white/burlap scheme for the porch, thinking that it would get me all the way to Christmas. I can add orange pumpkins for Halloween and perhaps some burgundies for November or it can stay just as it is and it will still work!

I planted some yellow mums in a flower box from HomeGoods, purchased months ago to use for a project I never got to. The wood tones in the planter box tie in with the burlap wreath I showed you on Wednesday. The red crate (seen in the summer picture above) was spray painted crisp white to hold some bigger white mums. I ALWAYS keep glossy white spray paint around for projects like these!

All together, such a darling little setup for our front porch!

Hmmm…I bet you’re wondering about the black half-round console table. Truth be told, I’ve had that table since I was a sophomore in college and we have lugged it around the country move after move after move. I never had the heart to give it away because it’s a solid wood table that I knew we’d find a use for someday. We pulled it out of the back of the garage and sawed it in half to give it some new life. WAIT until you see the other half of it – check back first thing next week, I CAN’T wait to show you! 🙂

I loved all the vibrant colors for Spring and Summer on our porch; but this cozy, casual, preppy Fall porch makes me so happy. Sometimes my instinct is not to keep things simple. But this time around, basic black and white has never felt so great!

The total cost for this porch makeover was about $50 (cost of spray paint and mums). It will be interesting to see if the red bench ever comes back, I love this new setup THAT much 🙂

Next week, I’ll have a look at the other half of that round table and some more seasonal ideas for you! Have a great weekend!

See You Soon!