For the past two years, I’ve participated in our local on-base Holiday Tour of Homes (you can see my holiday home tours here and here!). I didn’t participate this year for many reasons, mainly because I knew with Greg just getting home from deployment, the last thing I’d want to do is decorate to the hilt and open up our home to 200 people. I’m glad I trusted my gut because, as I suspected, I am not up for big holiday hosting this year…and honestly (and even more surprisingly!), I’ve been having a really tough time getting into the holiday-decorating spirit in general. I’m not quite sure why, but I suspect that after two years of covering every surface in faux trees, baubles and glitter (oh the glitter), I just needed a break from the holiday hoop-la. That…and it’s been a really long year…and I’m just kinda tired.

I was pretty convinced we’d decorate our tree and that would be it, but then I found myself pulling out this and that. And then I started getting anxious about the mess and the clutter so most of it went back up to the attic – and that’s okay. I’m embracing this “season” of our lives…enjoying a quiet Christmas at home (and not being on the tour of homes) and just decorating in a way that feels simple and right for us, right now.

I’ll show you my simple (yet surprisingly stunning for not being in the decorating spirit) indoor decor next week, but I wanted to show you this quick wreath I pulled together over the weekend. Again, I wasn’t feeling the Christmasy-spring-in-my-step that I normally have this time of year, but I still wanted something festive for the front door.  In just fifteen minutes, I combined a fresh wreath with some balls and ribbons from my stash and ended up with this stunner:

15-Minute Ornament Wreath-001

You guys: this one is really simple. So if you don’t consider yourself crafty…or good at wreaths…or  if you’re just not up for decorating this year (guilty!)…with just a few minutes and a teeny-tiny bit of effort, you can bring some jolly to your door too!

Like I said, I started with a fresh wreath we bought from Lowes, but you can use this same technique for almost any kind of full-shaped wreath (real, faux, burlap, etc). I then pulled out our bins of white/silver, cobalt blue, and turquoise ornaments and strung them onto cuts of florist wire (about 15″ long) in sets of three. I tried to use one big, one medium, and one small ornament…and I alternated which colors were which sizes in each cluster…

15-Minute Ornament Wreath-002

With three ornaments strung onto the wire, I pinched the wire together and twisted it around itself several times to create a tight and sturdy cluster…

15-Minute Ornament Wreath-003

I then placed the ornament cluster on the greens and wrapped the excess wire around to the back of the wreath, twisting it tightly to secure the baubles in place. I repeated adding three-ornament clusters around the wreath until I had just enough space left open to add a bow.

15-Minute Ornament Wreath-004

I rooted through our holiday stuff and dug out some bows from the last few years of crazy Christmas crafting (three cheers for keeping stuff from year to year!). I fluffed two bows that coordinated; and layering the teal one on top of the turquoise one, secured the bows to the wreath with more wire.

15-Minute Ornament Wreath-005

15-Minute Ornament Wreath-006

I’ve told you all this before and I’ll tell you again – wreath making is not my thing. I really struggle to balance the shapes and textures…so boy, was I super stoked to step back and see how stunning this one turned out!

15-Minute Ornament Wreath-007

I feel like this simple wreath sort of represents where I’m at right now with my holiday decorating. I’m craving festive and beautiful decor, but I don’t want to spend a ton of time or money making it happen. But by using items I already have in a fresh way…AND letting my creativity flow freely without the pressures of having our home look a certain way, I can bring some Christmas cheer to these halls without feeling burdened or anxious! And that is something I can get into!

15-Minute Ornament Wreath-008

How do you approach your holiday decorating? Are you going all out this year or only focusing on a few simple touches? Anyone else suffer from everything-is-displaced-and-covered-in-glitter anxiety this time of year?

Be sure to come back and see me on Friday – I have an adorable Christmas craft I’m super excited to share. And it doesn’t involve any glitter 😉



See You Soon!