Earlier this month, Cricut launched the new Cricut Hat Press! Until now, getting a custom-cut design from your Cricut onto a hat has required a good bit of patience and ingenuity (usually relying on awkward maneuvering of the EasyPress Mini). But now, thanks to its rounded heat plate, coordinating hat form, and compatibility with the Cricut Heat app, the Cricut Hat Press makes it easier than ever to create custom hat designs. Today, I’m breaking down everything you need to know about this latest (and really fun!) heat press from Cricut!

Hands using Cricut Hat Press on a tan visor

Making Hats with Cricut Hat Press | Blog Series

This is the first post in my Cricut Hat Press series. Be sure to visit each tutorial in order to learn everything you need to know about making custom hats with Cricut Hat Press!

Megan from The Homes I Have Made wearing a Mom hat

What Is the Cricut Hat Press?

The Cricut Hat Press is exactly what it sounds like: a heat press specially designed with a curved heat plate for the express purpose of adding custom designs to hats.

Front shot of Cricut Hat Press shown with hat form, tape, and materials

The Cricut Hat Press measures just 4.3″ wide and 6.5″ long and is compatible with both Iron-On Vinyl (HTV) and Infusible Ink. It features a simple power button, as well as an auto-off feature…it will turn off after 13 minutes of inactivity after sounding a warning beep.

The Cricut Hat Press has three temperature settings, all easily activated by a single button on the front of the press:

  • Low – 255°F (125°C) – 295°F (145°C) with a 60 second timer – intended for sensitive bases and materials
  • Medium – 300°F (150°C) – 355°F (180°C); with a 60 second timer – used for most bases and materials
  • High – 360°F (185°C) – 400°F (205°C) with a 90 second timer – used for Infusible Ink transfers and heavy duty base materials

Compatibility with the Cricut Heat App

However, you don’t need to memorize these levels of heat, because Cricut Hat Press is one of the two new presses exclusively compatible with the Cricut Heat app! In fact, finding the correct setting for your custom hat project is as easy as a few taps on the app; and thanks to bluetooth connectivity, the Cricut Hat Press will heat and sync automatically! (See More: How to Use the Cricut Heat App)

Hands holding iPhone using Cricut Heat app for Cricut Hat Press

What Comes In the Cricut Hat Press Box?

The Cricut Hat Press comes with everything you need to make amazing hats…except a hat! In the box, you will find:

  • Cricut Hat Press
  • Safety base
  • Cricut Hat Pressing Form – for holding your hat and creating a firm curved surface
  • Iron-on design for practice project
  • Strong Heat Resistant Tape – to tightly hold your designs in place on the curved hat surface
  • Quick Start Guide & User Guide

At this time, only the Strong Heat Resistant Tape is available for individual purchase.

Cricut Heat Press box on white table

Open Cricut Heat Press box on white table

Unboxed contents of Cricut Hat Press on a white table

All About the Cricut Hat Pressing Form

If you have any experience with heat pressing projects, you know that having a firm base is essential to getting perfect transfer results. But with the round, empty shape of a hat, getting an even, firm pressing surface can be quite challenging.

Thankfully, Cricut anticipated this and has included an oh-so-handy Hat Pressing Form with the Cricut Hat Press!

Hands using Cricut Hat Press on tan visor

The Hat Pressing Form measures ~8″ x 6″ 5.5″ and fits perfectly inside most adult hats. It has a handle that not only allows you to manipulate the form into hats, but also hold the hat during the pressing process. The Hat Pressing Form is only sold in conjunction with the Cricut Hat Press.

It’s important to know that the Hat Pressing Form comes with an Allergy Warning: it contains walnut shells, so those will allergies should use this product with caution. 

What Kind of Hats Does Cricut Hat Press Work On?

The Cricut Hat Press is most ideal for baseball caps, but it can actually be used on any style hat including bucket hats, visors, some kid hats, etc. Additionally, the Cricut Heat app will provide settings for a 10 different materials including cotton, nylon, mesh, and neoprene.

Bee You design on tan visor shown alongside Cricut Hat Press

New Cricut Hat Blanks

Alongside Cricut Hat Press, Cricut also released two new compatible blanks: the Cricut Trucker Hat and a Grey Ball Cap. These hats are compatible with BOTH Iron-On Vinyl and Infusible Ink.

Close up shot of Cricut Trucker Hat

What Kind of Heat Transfer Materials Can You Use with Cricut Hat Press?

The Cricut Hat Press produces enough even heat to be used with Cricut’s Infusible Ink and all major brands of iron-on vinyl (heat transfer vinyl).

  • Iron-on Vinyl can be used all over the hat including the front, sides, back and even the bill.
  • Infusible Ink designs should only be used on the front surface of compatible hats since the extra heat required for the transfer can damage the cardboard inside the bill.

How to Setup Cricut Hat Press

Once you unbox the Cricut Hat Press but before you use it for the first time, it will require activation via the Cricut Heat app. This is a one-time process and is all done wirelessly through bluetooth connectivity. For more help, see my full Cricut Heat app instructions.

Hands holding an iPhone to activate Cricut Hat Press

NOTE: Once activation is complete, you do not HAVE to use the Cricut Heat app for your projects. However, it will make all your hat projects quicker and easier!

What You Need to Make a Hat with Cricut Hat Press

Cricut Hat Press shown alongside hat form, iron-on vinyl, weeding tool, and Cricut Trucker Hat

Ready to Make Some Hats?!?

Me too!

Below, I briefly outline the general process of making a hat with Cricut Hat Press. But based on what material you are using and what kind of design you want to make, there are a bunch of tips and tricks you need to know in order to get perfect results. So be sure to check out these follow-on in-depth tutorials:

How to Make a Hat with Cricut Hat Press | The Basics

If you’re curious how I made the “Mom” monogram, you can find the instructions here: 5 (Easy) Ways to Design Stylish Monograms for Your Cricut

So…What Do I Think of the Cricut Hat Press?

I will be completely honest and say that until now, I have never, ever attempted to make my own custom hats. But now that I’ve made a bunch, I’m kind of addicted!

Using Cricut Hat Press does take some practice; but once you get the hang of it, you really can get flawless results in a matter of minutes. I love how small the designs are (so they cut and transfer really fast), and I am truly smitten with the compatibility with the Cricut Heat app (it really does all the thinking for you!), so you are practically guaranteed flawless transfers.

If you don’t make hats very often, you can likely get by with the Cricut EasyPress Mini. But if you love to make hats or want to make them for a party, class, or to sell, the Cricut Hat Press is well worth the investment!

Megan from The Homes I Have Made wearing Cricut Trucker Hat

FAQs About Cricut Hat Press

Can You Only Decorate the Front of a Hat?

Nope! When working with Iron-On Vinyl, you can decorate every inch of the hat. However, when using Infusible Ink, it’s recommended that you only do so on the hat itself and not the bill (since the added heat required for transfer can deform the bill).

Cricut Hat Press on the bill of a red hat

Creating an All-Over Hat Design with Cricut Hat Press

How Big of a Design Can You Make?

Although you can add several designs to a hat, it is recommended that any single design measure no larger than 2.25″ high x 4.25″ wide (5.7 cm x 10.79 cm). Not only do these dimension fit nicely on most hats, but it is well matched to the size of the heat plate on Cricut Hat Press, ensuring even heating across your entire design.

Can You Layer Designs Using the Cricut Hat Press?

Yep! You can layer Iron-On Vinyl designs over each other, as well as Iron-On over Infusible Ink. Although, if you’re going to rely on the Cricut Heat app time and temp specifications, you will need to make manual adjustments. Learn how to do that HERE.

Hands removing tape from Bee You design on tan visor

Can You Use the Cricut Hat Press on Kids’ Hats?

Based on my experiments so far…it depends on the hat. “Large” child hats can definitely fit on the form, especially if you tighten the strap. Child hats that are stretchy can fit over the small end of the form (rather than the front). But in general, the form will be too big to get a really snug fit on baby and toddler hats.

Am I Really Supposed to Move the Cricut Hat Press During Transfer?

I know, scary right?!? For anyone who has done traditional heat press projects, you usually do everything in your power NOT to move the heat press. However, the Cricut Hat Press has specifically been designed to move back-and-forth to ensure good heating across the entire, rounded design.

To make sure your design doesn’t budge, it’s imperative that you use Strong Heat Resistant Tape…and lots of it…every time you place a design on a hat blank.

Can Designs Go Across Seams?

Yep! Whether you are using Iron-On Vinyl or Infusible Ink, you can place designs over/across seams and stitching.

A red baseball cap with stars shown next to Cricut Hat Press

Have more questions about the Cricut Hat Press? Leave them below, and I’ll keep this post updated!

Creating your own custom hat…whether it’s for your favorite team, a family reunion, or just for fun…has become a whole lot easier and TONS of fun thanks to Cricut Hat Press. I am SO excited to show you all the different ways you can use this latest heat press from Cricut in the coming weeks!

See You Soon!