My 7 Favorite Baskets for Organizing Your Home

It is really no secret around here that my number one strategy for keeping our home picked up and organized is baskets. In fact, Greg would probably say I’ve never met a basket I didn’t like (and by the looks of our stash in the garage, I admit he’s right!) And while we certainly have our share of a variety of bins and baskets around our home, there are certain ones I find myself reaching for time and time again to hold a host of different things. If you’ve gotten on the basket bandwagon but don’t have the time or energy to shop around for just the right ones, I’ve got you covered! Today, I’m sharing my all-time favorite baskets for organizing!

Baskets come in every size, shape, color and quality. Here are my favorite 7 baskets for organizing every area of your home!

There is no shortage of good quality, versatile baskets on the market these days. In fact, bins and baskets are now available at almost every home store, in any style, and at every price point. There are certainly plenty to choose from, but not every basket out there is a good investment. What makes a good basket, you ask? First and foremost, it should hold what you need to store in an efficient, complete, sturdy and attractive way. Second, it should nicely fit onto whatever shelf, cubby, or spot you are going to place it without cramping or leaving too much wasted space. Third, they should be easy to use, and fourth, they should hold up to that use. Lastly, they should be easy to clean/maintain, a reasonable price, and easy to find. These 6 baskets, my friends, (plus one more bonus at the end) are all of these things: good-sized, sturdy, attractive, useful, easy-to-find, and budget-friendly!

Baskets come in every size, shape, color and quality. Here are my favorite baskets for organizing every area of your home!


Read on to find out exactly why I love each of these so much, and see the different ways I use them in our home!Baskets come in every size, shape, color and quality. Here are my favorite baskets for organizing every area of your home!

Long-time readers of the blog will not be surprised to see the IKEA DRONA bins at the top of my list. One of my biggest priorities in picking baskets is that they need to fit wherever I am placing them just right – I hate wasted space! These bins are made to fit the IKEA Kallax (and former Expedit) shelves perfectly. These bins are wide, deep and tall, and I have found they hold so much stuff! Although they are made out of sturdy board covered in fabric, I’ve found they hold up pretty well to heavy items and a lot of child handling. We loved using them in our playroom so much in our last house…

IKEA DRONA bins are great for the playroom!

…that we added more shelves and bins to our playroom in this house! (See our playroom storage HERE and how to label these bins HERE!)

IKEA DRONA bins are great for the playroom!

After seeing them hold up so well to toys and rough play, I also invested in 8 more white ones to hold all of my fabric. I love how much they can hold and how they slide in and out of the shelves like drawers! (See how I made the labels HERE!)

IKEA DRONA bins are great for the craft room!

You don’t need IKEA Kallax shelves to use these bins…they stand up great on deep shelves as well!

IKEA Drona Bins on Open Shelves

There are a few down-sides to these bins. As I said, they are made of heavy-weight poster-like board and are covered in fabric, so they are not THE most durable baskets on the block. They are a great price ($6 each), but are primarily available at IKEA stores. Also, IKEA only carries certain colors, so if you have a particular look in mind for your space, you might be out of luck. If you’re willing to pay a bit more per bin, I did find this seller that has a few more color options!

Baskets come in every size, shape, color and quality. Here are my favorite baskets for organizing every area of your home!

My #2 choice is also no surprise around here, considering I use these Y-weave baskets from Target in almost every room in our house! These bins are sturdy and easily cleanable because of their strong plastic structure, and are available year-round in an array of colors and sizes! Both in this house and our last house, I have used the “Medium” size in our kitchen to hold everything from spices and tupperwares to sippy cups and cooking liquids!

Target Y-Weave Baskets are great for the kitchen!

A while back, Target carried a “Large” size of these baskets, but I can no longer find that option online. This slightly shorter version of the “X-Large” are great for holding any number of things and are strong enough to hold up to the bulk of towels and linens in the linen closet!

Target Y-Weave Baskets are great for the linen closet!

The “X-Large” version of these baskets are indeed my favorite! They are deep and tall and sturdy, and hold a lot more than you think they will! In our last house, I used them to hold gift wrap, embroidery supplies and more on open shelving…

Target Y-Weave Baskets on Open Shelving

And now those same bins hold the same kinds of supplies tucked into my IKEA Kallax Shelving. (You can see how I labeled them HERE!)

Target Y-Weave Baskets are great for the craft room!

To me, the only downside of these baskets are the price…they are a bit on the steep side; but considering the quality and versatility of them, I find myself paying for them over and over again anyway. When I first discovered these, they were actually hard to find, but I now see them year-round and in all sorts of colors!

Baskets come in every size, shape, color and quality. Here are my favorite baskets for organizing every area of your home!

As I was making my list of favorite baskets, I was a little surprised I added this one to the list. I bought these baskets from Hobby Lobby for our command center primarily because they were the look I wanted (wicker) and the size I needed for our command center in our last house. In our current home, we don’t have this shelf setup, but I still find myself shuffling these baskets around the house. We are currently using one in the bathroom to hold small towels and wash cloths, a second in the kitchen to hold all of our coffee supplies, and the third on our bookcase to corral small booklets. Not only are they a great little size, but they are so sturdy and their texture is so great that they look awesome on their own. They don’t need a shelf or cubby, and function just as much as decor as they do basket! Pictured here is the “Small” size, but they are available in three different nesting sizes.

Baskets are ideal for making use of every inch of space!

I do love the look and sturdiness of these woven baskets, but there are a few downsides to them. First, they are pricey. Yes, Hobby Lobby regularly runs 50% off basket sales (so wait for those!), but even after the discount they felt expensive for their size and quality. Second, and even more annoying, is that Hobby Lobby doesn’t carry a huge stock. They only had one small basket on hand, and I had to “order” the other two to come in. If you have a lot of cubbies to fill, it might be hard and/or time-consuming to track down enough!

Baskets come in every size, shape, color and quality. Here are my favorite baskets for organizing every area of your home!

Once upon a time I thought milk crates were only for college kids, but when I went hunting for large, durable, wipeable and CHEAP baskets for our garage, these were what I came home with. And much to my surprise, we keep finding great uses for them! Sure, a milk crate is a milk crate, but I like that these have a dedicated place for a label (of course 🙂 My favorite thing about these (besides their size and cost) is that because they are plastic and have lots of holes, they are super simple to clean out. A quick spray down with the hose and 20 minutes in the sun and they are clean! We primarily use these out in the garage: on our work bench in our last house:

Target Milk Crates are great for the garage!

…and as our recycling bins in this house…

Target Milk Crates are great for the garage!

…but I also think they would work great for toys and other hardier items!

Baskets come in every size, shape, color and quality. Here are my favorite baskets for organizing every area of your home!

The next “basket” on my list are scrapbook cases designed to hold 12×12″ cardstock. I do indeed use these cases to hold all my 12×12 papers, but now and over the years, I have found they are useful to hold so much more! As you can see below, they are great for storing small, flat craft items like felt and Cricut cartridges; but I also find they work great for holding manuals, stickers and other paper embellishments, rolls of vinyl, and party supplies (banners, cupcake toppers, straws, etc). My Mom always used these to organize her in-progress quilts (all the blocks, directions, fabric swatches for one quilt in the same box), and I find myself using them to contain “in progress” projects too!

Scrapbook cases are great for holding all sorts of craft supplies, not just paper!

These boxes are cheap and easy-to-find; they stack and come in different colors; and can be used to store a variety of flat things. The only downside I found is that they aren’t the most durable against a lot of use and/or frequent moves!!

Baskets come in every size, shape, color and quality. Here are my favorite baskets for organizing every area of your home!

I hesitated to add my beloved flip-top plastic boxes to this round-up because mine (the version you see in the pictures below) were bought overseas in Okinawa (at their version of the Dollar Store). When there 10+ years ago, I stocked up on nearly 30 of them and continually use them all of our house. While you mostly likely won’t be able to get the exact same ones, these are quite similar…I think they are worth mentioning simple for their function!

I use these flip-top boxes to store almost all of my small craft supplies. From sewing notions and trims, to paints and glues, glitter and punches, I have twenty of them inside my craft cabinets alone. I love that they stack and they fit my selves perfectly, but I mostly love that they are clear! Quite often, I don’t like clear storage because they don’t conceal “messes,” which can be bothersome to the eye. But in the case of craft supplies, I love that I can look at the boxes and find just what I’m looking for, even if they aren’t labeled. The flip-tops allow me to quickly and easily access items without having to empty the box! And since I don’t have to take the lid off, it doesn’t get lost or thrown out by accident. I have found clear plastic boxes are best for craft supplies, but we also regularly use them for toys, snack items, and hygiene items.

Flip-top plastic boxes for craft supplies and toys

The only down-side I can see to these boxes is that they can add up if you need a lot. Like I said, I currently use close to 30 in our house, but I bought them at a $1/each. This flip-top version I found at Walmart are a good deal, but if you need a lot, it could be a big investment!

Baskets come in every size, shape, color and quality. Here are my favorite baskets for organizing every area of your home!

Last but not least, I had to include my beloved Target file boxes. I found these in the Target Dollar Spot years ago, and scooped them up more because they matched my house than because I had a use for them. It didn’t take me long to figure out how handy they were in the kitchen! Not only are they a perfect size for holding a variety of foods and snacks, but their slender and short size are ideal for tight cabinets and refrigerators!

Skinny Pantry Organization-07

Target File Boxes in the Refrigerator for Snack Storoage

I love that they have so many versatile uses, come with chalkboard labels and are super easy to clean out and stack for storage. So why was I reluctant to include them on my list? They aren’t the easiest to find. In fact, I haven’t seen them at Target in ages, and when I do, it’s usually just a few of them tucked away in a random bin in the Dollar Spot. My girlfriend just bought red ones, so I know they are still around…so I have my eyes peeled because I want more of them!

Phew! Did you make it? I wasn’t expecting this post to be so long, so thanks for hanging in there with me to the end! I do hope you found these links/insights useful! Do you agree/disagree with any of the baskets on my list? Do you have others that you turn to over and over? Share in the comments so we can all check them out!

Baskets come in every size, shape, color and quality. Here are my 7 favorite baskets for organizing every area of your home!

I hope you all have a great weekend and a Happy Easter! Next week, I’m going to be a busy bee getting ready for Henry’s 5th birthday party (what?!?!?!), but I’ll be checking in on Tuesday and Thursday with some end-of-the-month business to tidy up! See you then!

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  1. Hi Megan
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    Have a nice Easter and what a lovely project to organize your little Henry party !

  2. Happy Easter weekend Megan! Great posts about your favorite baskets. I don’t use baskets nearly enough in my home. I think they would definitely help me get mor sorta item and/or help my storage spaces look and function better. Thanks for the tips and photos.

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