Today’s newest download in The Organization Toolbox wasn’t really meant to be! You see, a few weeks ago, I innocently went on a search for some already-made printable student planner stickers that I could transform into magnets for Henry’s magnetic calendar. I was shocked…shocked…to discover I couldn’t find ANY (and I looked everywhere). I found lots and lots of teacher planning stickers and some for college kids, but not a single set of digital stickers that included things like “Test,” “Project,” “Scouts,” and aaallll the other kid-related tasks, activities, clubs, and sports I was looking for. Although frustrated that my quick-and-easy project ballooned considerably (#storyofmylife), I did what any blogger would do: I made my own! Today, I am so excited to share over 130+ different Student Planner Stickers, as well as a bunch of creative ways to use them!

Student Planner Stickers

Student Planner Stickers

If you guys have learned anything about me at all, you know I go all in on a project. So instead of just whipping up the few digital images we needed for our own student calendar, I racked my brain for days to come up with as many school-related activities as possible. The 60+ images below include everything from school tasks (e.g., tests, projects, etc) to clubs, events, and extracurriculars. Although I tried to make as complete a set as possible, I’m sure there is something on your student’s calendar I missed, so the rainbow-colored pin drops and push pins can be used for anything not included!

Student Planner StickersAs I am sure is true for most families, sports activities are a big part of our schedule. So I also included a whole series of icons for practices, games, camps, tournaments and more!

Student Planner StickersWith these two sets of images combined, I’m fairly certain most of what your kiddo is involved in can be denoted by a cute sticker image in your planner, a magnet on the fridge, or as a reminder sticky note!

Student Planner Stickers

Make ONLY the Stickers You Need!

Unlike a vast majority of Toolbox downloads, these Student Planner Stickers are available in individual, 300 dpi, transparent PNG images in BOTH color and black-and-white. What does this mean for you?

  • Having access to the individual images means you get to print only the stickers you need. No more sheet after sheet of stickers you won’t use!
  • Although designed as digital stickers, they are saved in a high-quality format that prints perfectly!
  • Transparent backgrounds mean you can…
    • Upload them to your favorite e-cutter software (e.g., Cricut Design Space) to make your own magnets or stickers
    • Load them into your digital planner to use as digital planning stickers
  • Since every image is available in both color AND black-and-white, you can truly customize them for your use. Need to color-code events for each kiddo? Simply print the black-and-white images onto colored paper or sticky notes!

The sky is the limit with these Student Planner Stickers, so let me dive into some of the best ways to use them!

Print Onto AVERY Label Sheets

In the past, I have designed my label and sticker files to fit very specific AVERY templates. While that is convenient from a print-then-go perspective, it also means you can’t adjust how big or small your designs turn out, nor can you pick the precise stickers you want. With the individual PNG sticker files now available to you, it’s super simple to create a set of Student Planner Stickers perfectly-suited to your needs for literally any template you can find. I am partial to both the AVERY 4222 Labels (clear glossy 3/4″ circles) and the AVERY 6450 (matte white 1″ circles) for making quick and simple planner stickers, but you can literally use any template+pre-made labels by using the video instructions below! (If you can’t see the video below, you can see it here.)

Once you get your template filled with the exact student planner stickers you want, print them out according to your printer’s specifications. After peeling away the paper backing surrounding each sticker, you will have a customized set of planner stickers ready to go!

Student Planner Stickers

AVERY 4222 | AVERY 6450

I love love love printing stickers onto clear glossy labels because it really is the best, quickest and easiest way to get fancy-looking stickers without any special machines. The clear glossy paper around each image is hardly detectable, yet you still get vibrant, crisp images that stand out on plain paper!

Student Planner Stickers

It might be tough to tell, but the Sweet Life Planner shown below is itty bitty…each calendar box measures just 1.5″ wide. These stickers are small enough to write around but big enough to notice!

Student Planner Stickers

The tiny stickers also work great on a full-page calendar spread (the ones below also in The Toolbox!)

The 1″ circle labels make bigger stickers, but they are still a great option for daily-style planners (especially if you have extra sheets from printing other labels in The Toolbox!)…

Student Planner Stickers

…or for turning into magnets that can be placed on a magnetic calendar, dry-erase board, or refrigerator. (You can see full instructions for making the magnets HERE!)

Student Planner Stickers

Print-Then-Cut on a Cricut

Using printable label sheets is absolutely the quickest way to make your own Student Planner Stickers, but it’s not your only option. If you have a Cricut Explore, Cricut Maker, or another e-cutter machine, you can make your own custom stickers using the Print-Then-Cut feature!

If you are new to Cricut, I suggest you check out my full Print-Then-Cut tutorial HERE. In general though, first upload the sticker images you need to Cricut Design Space using these instructions. Next, duplicate and size the images for whatever planner, calendar, etc you are using.

NOTE: Notice how each design already has a white background border. This means each image+word will cut together perfectly with a consistent border all the way around…no extra work on your part!

Once formatted the way you want, print the stickers onto sticker paper, magnetic paper, or any other printable medium that works for your project, and use your Cricut to cut out each design!

Student Planner Stickers

Below, I cut out just the designs we needed from magnetic paper

…and now, we have a whole series of student planner magnets to help our son understand and stay on track for the week!

Student Planner Stickers

Using the Print-Then-Cut feature on an e-cutter is also a great way to make custom stickers for any planner, calendar, chore chart, or daily agenda. The weekly layout shown below is also available in The Toolbox.

Student Planner Stickers

Print Onto Post-It-Notes

One final idea I want to show you is to print the sticker designs onto Post-It notes for fun, vivid reminders that can be used in planners, on refrigerators, backs of doors, dashboards, and more!

I’ve showed you how to print on Post-It Notes before HERE, but here’s the easy step-by-step:

  • In Microsoft Word, Canva, PowerPoint, or Google Docs, create a 2×3 table, with each row/column measuring 3.2″ (you may need to adjust your margins to get it to fit on a single page).
  • Next, drop in your desired Student Planner Sticker images into each block, and set each one to measure exactly 3″.

Once formatted…

  • (Top Left) Print the table+images onto a plain sheet of white copy paper .
  • (Top Right) Lay blank Post-It notes over each printed image, ensuring it’s centered to your liking.
  • (Bottom Left) Print the table+images again, onto the same paper, this time with the Post-It Notes attached. When your paper comes out of the printer, you’ll see the same images printed on top of the Post It Notes!
  • (Bottom Right) Remove the Post-It Notes for use around the home or in your planner, and repeat the process with any remaining images you need!

Using the black-and-white Student Planner Images on different colored Post-It Notes is a fantastic way to color-code the whole family!

By making each person’s activities a set color, you can easily tell at a glance who has what!

TIP! I made these on 3″ Post-It Notes for a large calendar, but you could do the same thing on smaller notes to fit in planners too!

Get This Kit!

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Although somewhat of an accidental project, I am totally smitten with this adorable set of Student Planner Stickers! If you guys love them as much as I do, I’d love to make follow-on sets for holidays and typical planner stickers (coffee date, bill due, workout, etc). Let me know if you want me to add these to the design queue (after The Family HUB is complete) in the comments below!

Student Planner Stickers

See You Soon!