One of my most successful printable kits to date has been my Smooth Move Binder system. Thanks to moving no less than 8 times in the last 15 years (yowza), I’d like to say I know a thing or two about moving…so I built that original 135-page binder kit to includes the resources you most need to execute an organized and less stressful move. However, the original kit doesn’t include one major (and very helpful) component: printable moving box labels with coordinating inventories. Ever since I first released the Smooth Move Binder, I have wanted to add these pages, and I am so excited to finally have this comprehensive add-on all ready to go in time for moving season. Let me show these newest pages to you!

Printable Moving Box Labels

The original Smooth Move Binder really focuses on the logistics of organizing a move: looking for a new home, cleaning out the old home, closing out/starting up utilities, measuring furniture, shopping lists, to do lists, change of address logs, and more. And while the kit does include a few basic inventory pages, it doesn’t provide all the resources needed to fully sort, organize and track your moving boxes with ease.

This Printable Moving Box Labels and Inventories kit remedies that! It fully coordinates with the original Smooth Move Binder, featuring a whole series of color-coordinated, editable and easily customizable printable resources fully dedicated to packing, labeling and inventorying your STUFF. With these two kits combined, you will now have all the resources you need to truly have a smooth move!

Printable Moving Box Labels

What’s Included?

This kit focuses heavily on packing up each room in your current home. It includes 12 sets (yes, I said 12!) of 6 color-coordinated pages:

  • Room Inventory – 2 page spread of all the contents in every box, including their value and condition.
  • Room To Do List – 2 page spread of the various tasks required to get that room packed up, emptied and cleaned out.
  • Room Sign – 1 page to be hung on the door in the new house so movers know where to place boxes as they come off the truck.
  • Box Labels – 1 page of 6 color-coded moving box labels.

Printable Moving Box Labels

The full 6-page spread is repeated 12 times, each in a different color…meaning you can dedicate a different color to 12 different spaces. You’ll also notice that each page includes a code/symbol in the solid circle, which helps you keep track of which inventories and labels belong to which room. These codes are not “set,” meaning you can change them to whatever you want. Although most letters may be intuitive, the kit also includes two versions of an “Inventory Key” to place into your Smooth Move Binder.

Customizing the Labels & Lists

I’ve moved enough to know that not every home is the same, and therefor, not ever mover will need the same sets of moving box labels and inventories. So that these pages can truly be useful to you in (pretty much) any moving situation, I’ve made them oh-so-easy to customize yourself! Watch this quick video to see how easy it is to customize this entire 70+ page kit of worksheets and labels in about 30 seconds!

As you can see in the video, once you type your desired letters/codes into the Inventory Key worksheet, those letters will be populated throughout the entire document. All you will need to do is print and start packing!

Using the Inventory Pages

There are lots of different ways to inventory boxes. Our military movers use one super long list, making it really difficult to identify which boxes have arrived, which haven’t, and if items are missing, broken, etc. Organizing your boxes by room (especially if you have a lot of stuff!) is a much easier way to not only pack up your stuff, but also quickly identify missing boxes and keep track of them all.

The inventory pages are all the same for each of the 12 colors. They include spots for:

  • Box #: Match these numbers to the ones written on the actual box labels.
  • Contents: Briefly list out what is in the box. Write legibly and be as descriptive as possible in case you need to fish something back out.
  • Condition: If anything is already damaged, indicate so. This will help you file claims if other (non indicated) items arrive broken.
  • Value: Estimate a value of each item or the entire box. This will help you file claims should boxes go missing or get damaged.
  • L|U: Use these boxes to check off each box as they are loaded (L) and unloaded (U) from your moving vehicle.

The inventory layout comes in a 2-page spread. Since you may need to use multiple lines for a single box, print out the second (non-header) page as many times as you need for that entire room.

Be sure to load all the inventory pages behind the turquoise “Inventories and Lists” tab in your Smooth Move Binder so you can keep them all together and easily reference them as needed!

Using the Printable Moving Box Labels

I can’t over-state how helpful it is to have your moving boxes properly labeled. It’s not that important when you are packing them up; but when you’re moving in, labels can really help you identify items quickly or prioritize which ones to unpack first. Admittedly, professional movers don’t do the greatest job labeling boxes so we are often left guessing…which is why I designed these labels to be as clear and thorough as possible (without being overly cumbersome).

Printable Moving Box Labels

In regards to actually printing and applying these labels to your boxes, you have two options!

The first, is to print them (in color if you want to be able to use the color-coding) on plain printer paper. Slice them apart with scissors and tape them to your boxes.

Printable Moving Box Labels

Your other option is to print them directly onto AVERY 5264 labels (or other 6/page labels). They line up beautifully, meaning all you have to do is peel them off and stick them directly to your box!

PRO TIP! Although these labels are quite sticky, it doesn’t hurt to add some clear packing tape over them (at least one stretch) so they don’t fall off mid-move!

Printable Moving Box Labels

When labeling your boxes, be as succinct and clear as possible. The labels are already colored and coded by room (like my “K” for kitchen) so you don’t need to add room identifiers. Instead include these details:

  • Overall Description – In the blank next to the “K,” give the box a general title like “Everyday Dishes.”
  • Box #: Include a box number that corresponds to the Inventory.
  • Contents: List out what all is included in the box and the quantities (e.g., Dinner plates [10])
  • High Value: If needed, list anything that is specifically high value so you can 1) tape up the box with special high-value seals; and 2) make claims easier if something goes missing.

Printable Moving Box Labels


Although the moving boxes match the room signs, a single little label on a huge box sometimes won’t be as obvious as you think it will be. To save you (or your friends or movers) from having to look over, under and all around for the label, consider adding large/obvious stretches of Duck tape on each box. Match this tape to the room sign/inventory/box labels so that as boxes come off the truck, it’s very obvious what color it is and therefor, where it goes! See More: How (& Why!) to Color Code Your Moving Boxes!

Printable Moving Box Labels

Get This Kit!

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Sharing all these moving tips almost makes me nostalgic about moving. Almost. Okay, not really. Moving is a big ol’ hassle, and so many things can go wrong. Which is precisely why we like to be as organized as possible. I created all these printable moving resources based on my own experiences, and I can guarantee that by using them, you will not only have a “smooth move” but a less stressful one as well!

See You Soon!