It’s been a good long while since I’ve chatted about our Master Bedroom; and honestly, it’s been a good long while since I made this simple little room update. However, our bedroom gets about zero natural light, so taking photos in that space always presents me with a challenge. I’ve attempted to snap these photos on several occasions, all with really bad results. Finally, it dawned on me to move the baskets to a different area of the house to take advantage of some better light. Ahhhh…so much better. Now I can show you our “new” laundry baskets!

Laundry Baskets-001

I almost never go into Ross – nothing against the store, it’s just not usually full of “my kind” of stuff, and it’s not on my usual shopping route. However, around this time last year (yikes, was it really that long ago?), I stopped into Ross and found some really great laundry baskets. We were in desperate need of laundry baskets in our bedroom, and these babies caught my eye. My main requirements for laundry baskets were they had to be lidded and they had to be big to hold both my husband’s and my laundry. Oh, and they had to match, obviously.

Laundry Baskets-002

Laundry Baskets-003

These baskets were actually on the shelves grouped together with smaller and bigger baskets, as nesting baskets. However, after some poking around, I found two of the same size and color. Now, I know they were brown and not so attractive. However, I knew the dark woven color of the basket would work really well with the dark wood tones we already have in our room (on our bed platform). And the lids were completely removable, making a switcheroo of the ugly top pretty simple. Lastly, not only were these great size but the lids were wood and pretty darn solid, making them ideal for doubling as a bench! Sold!

Once these got my husband’s approval , I threw away the receipt and got to work. I started by unscrewing the lids from the baskets; and then used a flat-head screwdriver to pry out all the staples holding in the brown fabric (both lining the lid and on top of the lid). With the brown fabric off, I was left with a wooden frame and foam covering…

Laundry Baskets-004

Laundry Baskets-005

I covered the tops of the lids with floral fabric leftover from our headboard. I love this viney-floral pattern, and I was so excited to be able to use it in another spot! Sorry I don’t have a picture, but all I did was wrap the fabric around all the edges to the under side of the lid and stapled the fabric in place.

Laundry Baskets-006

I also replaced the brown lining on the inside the lid with some pretty woven white fabric I also had on hand. I love this fabric, you’ve seen it on a bunch of other projects like these table runners, these curtains, and this backsplash. I folded the fabric under, ironed the seems, and stapled the fabric in place along the edges of the lid. Once the fabric was secure, I reattached the lids to the laundry baskets.

Laundry Baskets-007

I didn’t bother replacing the brown fabric that lined the actual laundry basket itself. I was going to and then realized the linings hold stinky laundry, so no use wasting my time or fabric 🙂 In the end, this was a quick project that brought about a pretty awesome result! Who knew laundry baskets could be so pretty, right?

Laundry Baskets-008

For a while, these baskets sat at the foot of our bed and doubled as bench. After a while, the walkway between these and the wall started feeling tight, so we moved them over near the closet, in a little hallway (hence the no light!). Sorry I don’t have an actual room shot for you, every photo I took turned out dark dark dark!

Laundry Baskets-009

“Laundry baskets” have been on my “To Post” list for ages, and it feels so good to finally cross this one off. Come to think of it, I have quite a few projects and spaces in my house that have been given the “Megan touch” that I haven’t shown you because I just haven’t been able to photograph them right. Now that I finally realized I can bring my project to the light (rather than the other way around), it’s time for me to get snapping!

Laundry Baskets-010

 I’ve got another weekend of major de-cluttering and organisation in front of me. I’ll see you next week with that fun sewing tutorial I promised! If you have little kids who love puzzles as much as mine, you won’t want to miss this one!


See You Soon!