Although my love for baskets runs pretty deep, there is another organizing product I rely on time and time again: zipper pouches. From organizing games and craft supplies in our home to kid and personal items in bags, I use them here, there, and everywhere. Today, I want to share 30+ smart and creative ways to organize with zipper pouches so you can quickly and easily create more order in your life too!

Organize with Zipper Pouches

In the Playroom

Puzzle Pieces – When several puzzles come in a single box, it can grow tiresome to continually sort them out. Pouches keep single sets easy to grab and clean up.

Organize with Zipper Pouches

Wooden Kid Puzzles – Larger document pouches are great for keeping the board and pieces all together…instead of all over the floor!

Organize with Zipper Pouches

Small Toy Collections – Pouches are a great way to contain all the pieces in tiny toy collections, and they can then be tossed into bigger baskets or directly onto shelves.

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Game Pieces – Small board game pieces can easily get lost inside big boxes. Corral cards, dice, and other small items into zipper pouches and store them in the original game boxes.

Card Games – Small novelty card games seem to be notorious for having poor packaging. Ditch the flimsy boxes and load decks/pieces into small zipper pouches. Just don’t forget the instructions!

Organize with Zipper Pouches

In the Home

First Aid Supplies – Trash boxes and bulky packaging and instead load gauze, bandages, and other supplies into dedicated pouches that are quick and to grab when needed.

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Planner Essentials – Keep all your markers, pens, stickers, bookmarks, and other planner accessories always at the ready in a single, planner-sized pouch.

Organize with Zipper Pouches

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Pen Sets – I have trouble keeping my Cricut Joy pens separate from my Infusible Ink pens and Marker/Explore pens. Zipper pouches keep them sorted yet still easy to see what I have.

Organize with Zipper Pouches

Craft Sets – When craft kits or supplies don’t come in sturdy, reusable packaging, load supplies into large zipper pouches that are easier for kid hands to open.

Small Kitchen Items – Tired of corn cob holders, napkin rings, cookie cutters or other small collections rolling around your kitchen drawers? A pouch keeps them together and easy to grab when setting the table.

In the Purse

Cash – One of my favorite ways to stick to a budget is the “cash envelope system.” Replace those paper envelopes with small zipper pouches for a more durable solution.

Loose Change – I still find it handy to keep change on hand, and a small coin purse makes it easier to fish out the exact amount quickly.

Coupons – Dedicate a pouch in your purse to coupons and club cards so you always have them available when you shop.

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DIY: Purse Pouches

Receipts – Stop stuffing receipts into your wallet or pocket and instead place them into a dedicated receipts pouch. This will make receipts easier to find when you need to make a return.

Business Documents – Separate out receipts, invoices, tickets, or other documentation for your business with document-sized pouches.

Organize with Zipper Pouches

Snacks – Keep food from making a mess of your bag by gathering them all into a single zipper pouch. Filling up our snack pouch is always my final step before leaving the house!

Organize with Zipper Pouches

Personal Hygiene Supplies – Be ready for any personal hygiene emergency with a dedicated pouch full of everything you may need tucked safely away in the bottom of your purse or in your glove compartment.

Makeup – Do you often do your makeup on the go? Make items easier to grab by loading them into a compact and easily recognizable pouch.

Glasses – A pouch not only keeps glasses safe and easy to find, but also gives you a place to store cleaners, wipes, contact cases, clip-on sunglasses, etc.

Decor Swatches – Are you in the middle of a renovation or even just making over a room? Keep paint swatches, fabric samples, carpet cuts, measurements, and more all together in a single pouch. Working on several spaces at once? Dedicate a pouch to each room!

In the Diaper Bag

Diapers & Wipes – Keeping diapers, wipes, and a portable pad together allows you to grab just them (instead of the entire clunky diaper bag) for quick changes.

Coloring Kits – Load larger zipper pouches with coloring books, markers, crayons, and stickers to have activity kits always ready for outings.

Organize with Zipper Pouches

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Busy Bags – Keep kids entertained in carpool lines, restaurants, waiting rooms, and church with ready-to-go busy bags fill with small toys and snacks.

Organize with Zipper Pouches

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In the Car

Emergency Clothes – Whether you have a kiddo in diapers, potty training, or prone to car sickness, keeping a set of fresh diapers, wipes, and/or dry clothes can make dealing with unexpected messes much easier.

Outdoor Survival Kit – Sunscreen, bandaids, hand sanitizer, wipes, and other essentials spell success for any spur-of-the-moment trip to the park, pool or other play spot.

Organize with Zipper Pouches

Cords & Chargers – Smaller pouches are great for holding a single charger and/or a set of ear phones or buds. Consider making/buying a unique pouch for each family member to keep them separated.

In the Gym Bag

Exercise Essentials – Do you like to use particular arm bands, hats, sunglasses, ear phones, lifting gloves, or other accessories for your workout? A pouch makes them easy to find so you can get your workout started.

Organize with Zipper Pouches

Toiletries – Don’t pack or re-pack your shower items each and every day. Dedicate a pouch for your gym bag with smaller versions of all your essentials.

Organize with Zipper Pouches

Fresh Clothes – Loading fresh clothes into an easy-carry tote means you won’t drop items on the way to the showers.

Wet Things – A wet bag is oh-so-handy for keeping damp items separated from everything else in your gym bag, diaper bag, swim bag, or purse.

On the Go

Masks & Hand Sanitizer – Struggling to keep your COVID supplies handy? Dedicate a pouch to hold clean masks and hand sanitizer for your purse, car, backpacks, or anywhere else you need them ready!

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School Supplies – Zipper pouches are always on the school supply list for good reason. They are a great way for kids to keep necessary items on hand, no matter where they are doing school work this year.

Electronics – Larger pouches can hold tablets and game devices together with their charger, headphones, games, and other accessories.

DIY: Monogrammed Pouches

Road Trip Essentials – Pouches can hold everything from games and snacks, to hygiene supplies and travel entertainment. Look for versions with elastic straps that can be hung over headrests to keep items reachable on the road!

Craft Supplies – Do you like to travel with your knitting, card-making, hand-lettering, or other craft supplies? A zipper pouch can keep everything together so it’s easy to pull out when needed.

Luggage Organization – Make packing and unpacking suitcases easier with luggage-specific zipper pouches. You can load up totes by item (e.g., shirts, bottoms, etc) or by person to help keep order within your luggage.

Organize with Zipper Pouches

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Organize with Zipper Pouches Using My Favorites Finds

I constantly have my eyes peeled for good finds since I love to organize with zipper pouches so much. Most of my favorites are from The Target Dollar Spot, Michaels, TJMaxx/Marshalls, and Amazon. Here are some of the zipper pouches we rely on over and over!

Collage of great zipper pouches for organizing

1 – Rainbow Zipper Pencil Pouches | 2 – Large Plastic Pouches with Colored Zippers | 3 – Canvas Zipper Pouches with Colored Zippers | 4 – Plain Canvas Zipper Pouches | 5 – Tapered Canvas Pouches | 6 – Cricut Sublimation Pouches | 7 – EzPacking Cubes | 8 – Vera Bradley 2-Piece Pouch Set | 9 – Vera Bradley 4- Piece Pouch Set

I hope this post gives you some new ways to organize with zipper pouches! Are there any ideas here you haven’t thought of before? Do you have something clever you store in a zipper pouch? What can you go put in a pouch right now to make it easier to access the next time you need it?! I’d love to hear your ideas in the comments below!

See You Soon!