Our current family room is really big and needed a large coffee table. But I was shocked to discover how hard it was to find a stylish version that was affordable too. After an exhaustive (and I mean exhaustive!) search, we finally settled on a table we love, so today I’m sharing what we picked, why we picked it, and a bunch of other affordable finds we considered too!

Navy and white family room with very large wooden coffee table

Large Rooms Need Large Coffee Tables

We have a very spacious family room, measuring about 16′ x 20′. To help define the space and ground the furniture, we placed a 10′ x 14′ rug in the middle of the room and floated our two couches and accent chairs away from the walls. And while this arrangement is quite comfortable, it also left a sizable (vacuous) space in the middle for a coffee table.

As I measured and taped out different options, it quickly became apparent that a “standard size” coffee table would look uncomfortably small in the center of this room. But finding one that was large, affordable, and achieved a cohesive look proved to be a taller-than-expected task too.

In the end, we chose the Esmont Coffee Table because it was the best combination of style, color, size, and price we could find at the time.

Navy and white family room with very large wooden coffee table

Measuring 42″ x 56,” it is the very definition of a “large coffee table,” and it demands a fairly strong presence in the room. While I initially worried that it was too big, it’s actually working so well for us.

Navy and white living room with large brown coffee table

Not only can the kids fill the tabletop with puzzles, board games, blocks, action figures and more…but we (and guests!) can comfortably put our feet up or place a drink down from every seat (which was not true with our previous ottoman). In the end, the grand table has proved one of the most functional additions to our home in a long time!

Large coffee table in front of white couches on top of blue rug

Pssssst – Wondering why I don’t have center of the table “styled” with decorative objects, accessories, books, trays, candles, and more? I’m keeping it real, friends!

We have three kids and we ALL use this table constantly. Anything decorative on the table would just be clutter to move out of the way over and over. Would I love to have a stylish décor display center table to break up the void? You bet…but that will have to wait until a different season of life. This table is first and foremost a family table (and quite often, even a stage!)

Picking the Best Size Coffee Table For Your Room

In general, you want to pick a coffee table that meets these criteria:

  1. The table is at least two-thirds (2/3) the size of couch(es) it will sit in front of.
  2. There is at least 16-18″ of walkable space between the table and all other furniture around its perimeter.
  3. The table sits at least at sofa height or 1-2″ lower.
Patterned chairs across from a large wooden coffee table on top of a blue carpet

Initially, I wanted a table that was closer to ~30″ x 50″ or a 50″ square. But these exact dimensions proved quite elusive in an equally acceptable color and price point. (I VERY much wanted this Serena & Lily Square table, but I was NOT going to pay 2K for a coffee table!)

When I came across this particular large coffee table, the design, color, and price were spot on for other elements in the room, but I was concerned it was too big. But after taping it out on the floor, we determined it clearly met all of the coffee table sizing “rules” with plenty of walking space all the way around the table.

Space between couch and large coffee table

What Is Considered a Large Coffee Table?

No matter the shape (i.e., circle, square, rectangle), “standard” size coffee tables typically measure less than ~40″.

  • Most circle/square coffee tables measure 30-36″
  • Most rectangle coffee tables measure 20″ x 40″

In a large room, you can sometimes get away with these standard sizes by putting two smaller units together. But if you’re wanting a single coffee table to fill a large space, you’ll need to look for tables that measure greater than 40.”

  • “Large” circle/square coffee tables typically measure 40″+
  • “Large” rectangle coffee tables typically measure longer than 50″

Coffee Table Shopping Tips

Filter By Size

When shopping for large coffee tables, most furniture retailers will allow you to filter by size. Look for filters/check boxes for 50″ size or greater to weed through all the available options and save time clicking into products that look big but really aren’t.

Pictures Are Deceiving

On that note, pictures are very deceiving (and sometimes filters can be wrong). Be sure you read descriptions closely to make sure you fully understand the dimensions of your online purchases. What looks large or short or wide in a picture might not actually be in real life.

Large wooden coffee table on top of blue rug with two blue metal stools tucker underneath

Google the Product Name

Entering a particular product name into Google can help you in two important ways:

First, this can help you find better price options from different retailers. Even if a store calls a coffee table by a different name, it will usually come up thanks to visual search technology.

Similarly, if you find a table design you love but it’s not “quite right” because of size, shape, color, etc…enter it into search too. Google will now bring up “similar” items, allowing you to potentially find a same-but-better option for your space!

Sled-style legs on large coffee table

Tape It Out

Tape measures can be helpful, but if you really want to get a sense for how big (or small) of a table you can get away with in your particular room…tape out the dimensions on your floor (or make a mockup with boxes!)

This will better help you predict walking space, room impact, layout, and ultimately if there is enough room for the table you’re considering!

Large coffee table positioned between two couches and two decorative chairs

Understanding Composition

If you want a solid wood coffee table (for looks or durability), pay extra-close attention to the product descriptions. While many product names will say “real wood” or “solid wood,” the description will detail out which parts of the table are actually solid wood versus composite.

These days, it’s very hard to find solid wood coffee tables, especially at a reasonable price point. I ultimately dropped this requirement from my search criteria because the options just weren’t there!

Stylish & Affordable Large Coffee Tables

I think I spent the better part of a month researching large coffee tables during my down/spare time. Without fail, if I liked the style, the size was wrong. If the size was right, the price was too expensive. If I found the right size and price, the color wouldn’t work.

And while so many options weren’t quite right for our home for one reason or another, I kept track of all the ones I really loved. So below are my top picks for large coffee tables. All but a few meet these criteria:

  • Round/squares measure greater than 40″
  • Rectangles measure greater than 50″
  • Priced under $500

If you have a large family room or living room that is begging for a great large coffee table but you too can’t find an affordable one, here are some great choices to consider!

Great Round & Square Large Coffee Tables

Admittedly, #4, #5, #8 are slightly more than the $500 limit. But they are all so darn stylish that I had to include them. I strongly considered #8 with the brass base for our family room, but the large modern coffee table was just more expensive than I was willing to spend at the time!

Great Rectangle Large Coffee Tables

A Helpful Reminder

If I was shopping for a large coffee table today, I would absolutely pick #3 (above) instead. The dimensions are closer to the 30″ x 50″ size I wanted; and since I’ve now incorporated a bit more black throughout this home than I originally anticipated, I think it would work really, really well.

I don’t recall coming across this coffee table at the time we were looking. We’re happy enough with our choice, so I won’t replace it. But I did want to offer this reminder:

When picking furniture for your home, you often have to make the best choice you can at the time. Styles change constantly, options evolve, and new products come and go. If you just can’t find a size, color, design, AND price you like all together in one item, consider using something temporary until you do. And even once you commit to “the one,” it doesn’t mean something better won’t eventually come along.

Getting a furniture pick right can feel really hard (trust me…I agonized over this coffee table choice for WEEKS!) But even if you don’t get it quite right, it doesn’t mean you can’t create a beautiful, functional space all the same!

Large wooden coffee table in front of a white love seat with blue throw pillows

If you have a spacious living room or family room and something has felt just a bit off…there’s a good chance it’s your small coffee table. More often than not, you can go larger than you think.

But finding large coffee tables can be really hard, especially within certain style or budget restrictions. I hope the ideas and products I shared here today help you find the “just right” table to help your living space look and feel a bit more complete!

See You Soon!