Happy Monday Friends!
Today is the last day of the three-part series I started last week called: Our House…the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly!
I know these haven’t been the most exciting posts to look at or read (trust me…it hasn’t been fun for me either!); but once I get all these “get real” photos out of the way, I have lots more super fun crafts and room makers to show you. I’ve been very busy these last few weeks, so don’t bail on me yet!
Let’s get down to it, shall we?  Last week I showed you the good and the bad of my current home. And today…I am showing you…

Oh man, oh man. Our home office. What do I even say? Where do I even begin? 
When I show you pictures like these…
it’s pretty hard to believe it’s the same house, occupied by the same person, isn’t it?
Nonetheless, it’s true…this room is in the same house. It started out with a lot of promise! It’s a very large room, and was the perfect place to setup an office for both my husband and I to work in. Usually, all my husband’s work awards, frames, and other stuff are displayed at work. But since he was in school all this year, it had to stay home. We made a really big attempt to get this space in order when we first moved in! We bought a fancy new desk and a fancy new computer, which was a great start. And we hung everything on the walls, and organized our too-big book collection.

Like with every other space I’ve shown you over the past week, I had big plans for this space…I even went as far as picking out fabric for curtains, and brainstorming a decor plan. But (you’re heard this before)…I ran out of time, and so this room stayed cluttered, over-run with stuff, and just plain yuck. 

To say the least, this room is number one priority when we move. We desperately need some organizing solutions for this space (mail, office supplies, books, paperwork) and I can’t wait to get cracking and make a home office that will be a pleasure to work in!
Okay…phew…it’s over. You’ve now seen every nook and crannie in my home…all the pretty spaces and all the not-so-pretty spaces!  If you’ve missed any of the rooms, you can see them all here!
Later on this week, I am going to share my bathroom art printables, and then next week I have some really really fun gift ideas to show you!
Come back and see me soon!
See You Soon!