Hello, Hello!

Phew! It’s been an exciting week here on this little ol’ blog of mine! My Magnetic Menu Board has generated quite a bit of buzz, and I’ve had more visitors and new followers in the last 3 days than I’ve had in the last 3 months! I’ve received some pretty wonderful compliments on my meal planning system, and really appreciate all the enthusiasm and excitement over it! You all sure do know how to make a girl feel good! I’ve had some extra pep in my step the last few days all because of you!
To my new followers…welcome aboard and I hope you enjoy the ride…I’m so excited to have you along! For folks just stopping by, stay awhile, take a look around, and I’d love for you to follow along if you like what you see!
Today, I am continuing my house tour of our current home. Have I mentioned The Move is 3 months away? (Yeah, I know…only about a billion times!) Anyway, I have about 4 more “spaces” to show you before the packers show up, so I better get crakin!  Today I am (finally) posting my absolute favorite spot in our whole house: Our laundry room!


Yup…you heard read me right! My favorite spot in our whole house is the laundry room, BUT not because I love to do laundry…it’s because of what’s around the corner!


Ahhh….there she is!


Now, I would love to have a craft room like Jen’s or Brook’s (I’ve been lusting after theirs for months)…but even IF my husband agreed to such a thing (which will never happen!), we just don’t have the space for me to get a whole room all to myself. Before moving in, I was prepared to occupy a closet (just like I did in San Diego). But when I saw the size of our laundry room, with built in shelves already installed, I knew this was the place for me and all my “stuff”!!!!!
In the last few weeks, I have been going room-by-room, sorting/purging/organizing in preparation for The Move. This room was the very first one I did, so it’s all freshly organized. I am super excited to show you my crafting nook and how I organize my supplies…you wanna see?

The top shelf stores all of my fabric. Since I love pretty fabrics, I’m gonna show you lots of photos 🙂


Inspired by pictures I’ve seen on Pinterest, I wrapped all of my fabric on comic book storage boards. The plan was to store my mini bolts vertically, but because of the wire-rung shelves, some slipped through while others warped. For now, they are stored in stacks…not ideal…but they sure look pretty, and the bolts still keep my fabric piles from falling over when I take something out!


The next shelf down is full of  my bins and bins of craft supplies.


These are the best storage boxes ever! I bought them, where else, but the Y100 Store in Okinawa. I scoured the island and bought as many as I could before we left. Why are they so great, you ask? Because not only are they clear and stack really well…but they have this awesome snap lid:


I have everything from sewing notions and cutting tools, to snaps and adhesives stored in these bins! During my recent sort/purge…I found a box of adhesive labels I bought at Target years ago on clearance.


Aren’t they fun? Combined with my label maker, I made some very cute labels for my bins!


See? Doesn’t it pay off to sort though all your stuff! Oh the treasures you can find!The next shelf down holds my patterns (in a DVD storage box – perfect size, by the way!), a basket of scraps and a basket of all my thread.


As well as my texture studio, cricut, and storage boxes containing all my beads, buttons, and hardware!


And just because it’s fun to see pretty pictures of craft supplies…inside all those boxes are my pretty pretty buttons and beads collected over the years!

The next shelf down holds all my card stock (organized by color in those plastic folder cases), card making supplies, and stamp/ink supplies! I used to be pretty “in to” stamping and built up quite a stash of fun stuff…I don’t stamp so much anymore, but all the supplies come in handy for other projects!

On the other side of that shelf are a bunch of 12×12 storage cases that hold more card stock and my cricut cartridges!

Tucked back in the corner is my (edited down) stamp collection!

And down below are a bunch of miscellaneous supplies such as extra paint canvases, stuffing, batting, cutting mats and boards, and yarn! (yeah…all that awkward stuff that doesn’t really go anywhere!)

Finally, in the corner, I use an umbrella stand to hold all my wrapping paper, contact paper and vinyl! Pretty clever storage, don’t you think?

Next to the built-in shelves, there was plenty of room for our IKEA desk and shelf (that were originally heading to the garage sale pile!) to fit!

I have an inspiration board leaning (uggg…I never too the time to hang it up) on the desk to help me keep my projects straight!

And just to really prove to you that this is the laundry room (not that you have any reason to doubt me!)…our broom and mop are stored along the wall on  your way back out!

It has been super fun for me to have this little cave in the back of our house. I often disappear back there for hours at a time once the baby is in bed. My husband frequently finds me late at night hunched over my machine working away in my own little world – and I love it!

I did have some fun plans for this little space decor-wise…but alas, I never got around to it, and now I might as well wait until I see what I have in our next home. But just for fun…here are my theme fabrics:

I was planning on making some cute bunting, recovering a lamp, doing some cute dress-themed artwork, repainting my white wicker chair, and on and on and on….we’ll see if I get to it next time! LOL!
So…there you have it! My little craft nook. She ain’t big…but she sure works for me…and I just love having a little space all my own…and when I can see everything, I am more apt to use it!
Hope you all have a great weekend! On Monday, I will be showing the first round of improvements in my niece’s bedroom makeover so check back!
See You Soon!