As promised, today I am kicking off a series of posts that will document a Tween Girl’s Bedroom Makeover…a big project that I will be working on for the next few weeks/months! Before we get into the before photos and inspirations boards, let me explain what exactly this project is and where it came from!
My big sister (in an effort to keep me from decorating my own home that we are moving out of in 3 months!), asked if I would instead help overhaul her 10 year old daughter’s (my niece’s) bedroom. Um…sign me up!!!! It was a perfect project for me. As aforementioned, it would keep me from sprucing up this house we are vacating, AND I get to play design fairy-craft-mother without having to make all the tough decisions and pay all the bills! LOL! Of course I was in!

Now, it had been a minute since I had been in M’s bedroom…so in all honesty, I really didn’t know what I was getting myself into!

But I am not one to be scared off by a little clutter…okay…a lot of clutter!

Now…no judging here! M moved into this room when she was 4…she’s done a lot of growing and out-growing of clothes, toys, and stuff and has never done a big sort/purge/organize in 6 years! Aunt Megan to the rescue (cue Super Hero Music…too much?)!!!
Before getting started, my Sister, my Niece and I stared down the clutter for a good few hours in order to figure out what exactly we needed to do and what our priorities were.  With a tentative game plan in hand, my Sister and Niece set to work sorting, organizing and purging. While they were doing all the hard work (literally…they have been working HARD!)…I got to do the fun stuff: play with colors, fabric samples, and other design ideas in order to come up with a design-scheme for the room. 
I am mostly inspired by fabric so I always start my design/inspiration boards with a fabric swatch I love and build from there. I knew she was interested in pinks and oranges, so I started there. Here are the 6 design boards I assembled for Miss M to choose from!

Each of these boards were thoroughly scrutinized and debated by all three of us! In the end, “Raspberry Sherbet” won out and we were off and running!
After a FEW more dissuasions and A LOT more looking around online and in stores, we assembled a final “Mood Board” to help guide our purchases and projects!
So…here is where we are today…
And here is where we are headed!

Wish us luck!!!!

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See You Soon!