Happy Monday, folks!!!

So, yesterday was Mother’s Day! If you came around here over the last few weeks looking for Mother’s Day gift inspiration ideas, I failed you miserably! Instead, I showed you ugly pictures of my house 😉 I’m so sorry…really, I am! It’s just that life on this end of the blog-o-sphere has been super crazy lately. And although so many great blogs out there were featuring great gift ideas for the past month, Mother’s Day completely snuck up on me; and like most people out-and-about this last weekend, I found myself quickly trying to pull together a great last-minute gift for my amazing mother!
I think I did alright, what do you think?
After a single shopping trip and in one afternoon, I had the cutest Spring Planter to give my Mom yesterday! Let me show you how quick, easy, and affordable it was!!

I made three quick stops for all the materials for this project: Lowes, Michaels, and Target
Here’s what you’ll need:
From Lowes…
  • Planter, in your desired shape and size
  • Painter’s tape
  • Outdoor spray paint (I used Valspar Outdoor in yellow and red)
  • “Ready Refill” plant (it’s pre-designed, planted, and all ready to go in your planter! It doesn’t get much easier than that!)
  • Extra potting soil
From Michaels…
  • Plain wooden birdhouse
  • Vinyl (I used Cricut red)
From Target…
  • Garden stakes (from the Dollar Spot)
Here’s the planter I started with!

After protecting the ground, I taped off the top and bottom of the planter with painter’s tape.

I then used the Valspar Outdoor yellow spray paint to cover the middle rim. The best thing about this paint (other than that it’s specifically made for outdoor use) is that it requires no primer or top coat – this really was a fast and simple project! I used three coats to get nice color and coverage!

I am in love with how this planter turned out! Who wouldn’t love this on their patio?

I then planted the “Ready Refill” plants into my planter with some extra soil.

Here’s the planter with the flowers planted inside. I could have stopped here, but wanted to add a few extra-special touches!

My little birdhouse started as a cheap, unpainted house from Michaels.

A quick two coats of the Valspar Outdoor in red brought it to life!

So cute peaking out of the flowers!

My last little touch was re-making these garden stakes from Target (2 stakes for $1!!) 
  • First, I spray painted one of the stake with the Valspar Outdoor yellow.
  • Using my cricut, I cut out the phrase “Gramma’s Garden” from red vinyl.
  • I applied the letters to my sign using painters tape! 

This little sign took no time at all (well, except for drying time) and totally “made” the planter into a great gift!

Even though Mother’s Day is over, this is a great house-warming or birthday gift, or just a fun thing to put on your own porch!!  The whole thing cost about $50 and was done in less than an afternoon! Now, I can’t wait to make some for my own porch!

Have a great start to your week!

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