The Conquer Your Kitchen Crash Course is a FREE 5-week email course jam-packed full tips, tricks, and ideas for de-cluttering and improving function in each and every area of your kitchen. 

I’ve taken everything I’ve done in our own homes, ideas I’ve helped others do in their homes, and the brilliant solutions I’ve seen all over the web and rolled them into one, step-by-step course to help you truly conquer the clutter in your kitchen once and for all!

The Conquer Your Kitchen Crash Course takes a systematic approach to working through every area of your kitchen! By the end of the 5 weeks, no area will be left un-touched, and you’ll be able to increase productivity and reduce stress in your kitchen space!

The email course will be delivered across a series of 7 emails during a 5-week period. Each week will focus on one distinct kitchen zone as outlined in the blue box. 

In addition to breaking down the kitchen into manageable zones, you will also use the S-P-A-C-E acronym to guide everything you do throughout the course. In each zone, you will be encouraged to “Create S-P-A-C-E”. To do so, you will Sort, Purge, Assess, Contain, and Evaluate every last item in that zone to ultimately purge out what doesn’t belong and re-organize what remains in order to truly maximum function!

I sure did! Throughout the 5-week course, you will be emailed 6 FREE course workbooks filled with clean, simple, and easy-to-use printable assessments and checklists and more to help you work through each area of your kitchen! Below is just a sample of what you'll get each week! 

It made me feel organized while I was getting organized!

Conquer Your Kitchen Participant

I want to give a humungous virtual high five to Megan for launching this kitchen organization email course! I know she's been pouring her heart into it, and I just read the first lesson and am blown away at how much thought and time she put into every little detail. The email was extremely valuable and her printables are amazing as always. 

Emily Counts, The Small Stuff Counts

Great course, very helpful. Megan is very supportive and has great tips and printables.

Conquer Your Kitchen Participant