Last week, when I revealed my extra-large pin board, how many of you chuckled (or rolled your eyes!) that I was sharing yet another DIY board project?!? Truth is, as I looked back through all my posts and projects over the years, I have done A LOT of DIY board projects! From magnetic to cork and everything in between, I guess I really have a thing for putting notes, ideas, reminders and more up on my walls! I just find that they are so easy and fun to make, and are really a great way to organize different aspects of life. Today, I thought it would be fun to re-visit all the DIY boards I’ve made. If you’re looking to organize your life, surely one of these boards can help you out!

12 DIY Boards to Organize Your Life

Fabric-Covered Bulletin BoardOne of my most visited posts in the history of this blog is how to cover a basic, store-bought bulletin board with fabric. I’ve done this time and time again, re-doing the fabric for each space this board lands in, most recently in our entryway!

Fabric-Covered Bulletin Board

Fabric-Covered Bulletin Board

Gold-Striped Cork BoardThe same cork board got a super simple and effective (however, more permanent!) update with the application of gold stripes! If you have an old cork board or want to customize a board to match a space, painting it is a great and easy update!

Gold Striped Bulletin Board

Reversible Cork and MemoI paired an old, beat-up cork board with a sheet of dry-erase-covered MDF (from Home Depot) to make this flippable board for our last playroom. Henry loved pinning up projects on one side while coloring on the other!

Reversible Cork and Dry Erase Board

Dotted Cork BoardI couldn’t resist scooping up these little cork circles when I found them on clearance at the craft store. Securing the circles to a basic frame transformed them into one darling and functional pin board for Henry’s bedroom!

Dotted Bulletin Board

Extra-Large Pin Board (with acrylic dry-erase surface). This pin board + dry erase surface is my latest office addition. It’s made out of a foam insulation sheet and acrylic, and I am loving having ample room to pin up projects and write down blog posts and reminders!

Extra-Large Pin Board

Preppy Magnetic Memo Boards. These adorable magnetic memo boards are one of my all-time favorite DIY projects. They were fashioned from basic sheet metal from the hardware store, wood trim, L-brackets, and vinyl monograms. I can’t find a good spot for them in our current house, so they sit in the garage waiting for the next one!

Preppy Magnetic Memo Board

Magnetic Memo BoardMy magnetic meal planning system is by far the most popular project on my site, which prompted me to sell templates right here on my site so you can make your own. If you’re looking to get your meal planning process in serious order, be sure to check this one out!

Magnetic Menu Board

Magnetic USA Memo BoardThis is an oldie but true goodie! A magnetic board, painted with stripes and a USA (all using spray paint!) makes for a charming memo board. But for military families or frequent movers, the heart magnets are also a fun way to commemorate all the places you’ve lived!

Magnetic USA-022

Dry-Erase Frames from Old DoorsThis project was born out of a need (a place to write notes and my blog schedule) and opportunity (an excuse to use old cabinet doors I had sitting in the garage). Even I was surprised at how well these worked, and honestly, I was a bit sad to give them up when I upgraded to my new large pin board.

Dry Erase Boards from Doors

Simple Meal Planning BoardMy full-month meal planning system (see above) is great for busy households who need to streamline their planning and shopping. However, if you’re looking for a simpler way to plan your meals for a single week, this board is simple and effective!

Simple Meal Planning Board

Sticky Note Reminder Board. This sticky note reminder board was one of my favorite elements of our last command center. I loved being able to jot down reminders and tasks and assign them (and move them!) to the right category or person, as necessary! There are still times I use this sticky note system to keep work flow organized, just without the dedicated fancy board!

Command Center-030

Hanging Jewelry BoardUpdating this jewelry board for our new bedroom (and my expanding jewelry collection!) is actually at the top of my current project list. Using hardware to hold and store jewelry so that it can be easily seen and accessed is so wonderful. Using hardware to hold different jewelry items is a fun way to use all those fancy and funky knobs and handles you see in stores!

Jewelry Organization Board

Do you guys share my infatuation with boards for organizing various aspects of your life? From jewelry and mail to ideas and meals, using wall space is a great small-space strategy as well as a tried-and-true organization method! I’d love to know if you ever give one of these a try and how it works out for you!

And with that, I’m finishing out a crazy week. I’ve got some fun things planned for the weekend, and some great content lined up for next week…so be sure to come back and see me soon!

Happy Weekend!

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