Last week, I showed you our family command center; and on Monday, I shared with you some of the printables we use as a family to keep track of our weekly events and outings. Today, I am going to show you how to assemble this easy-to-make and easy-to-use sticky note reminder board!

I didn’t come up with this idea on my own! Here’s the inspiration photo I found on Pinterest:


I, of course, just had to put  my own little spin on it to fit our needs and space! This board has been a huge life and time saver in our family, especially when trying to keep track of all that has to be done as you move to a new place. I love that the sticky notes are quick to put up and pull down, and can be arranged and re-arranged based on priority.

When I really wanted to do this project, I couldn’t find a wall/space big enough. Then it occurred to me that by using an old frame and SMALL sticky notes, I could accomplish the same thing, just on a smaller (more practical) scale!

These are the materials you’ll  need to make your own!

  • An old picture frame (with glass)
  • Patterned paper – I used patterned contact paper (you can read all about where I got this here!), but wrapping paper or scrapbook paper could also work!
  • Clear, printable labels
  • Spray paint (not pictured, optional)

This is a pretty quick project! And if you look around your house, you probably have everything you need, making it a pretty cheap project too!

 Okay, let’s get started.

 1. Remove the glass from your old picture frame and place it on your contact paper (or whatever paper you are using). Measure out the size you’ll need and add a few inches on every side.

2.  Remove the paper backing, and place your glass down in the middle of the sticky-sided paper.

3. Trim out a square from all four corners. This is to reduce bulk as you fold everything up.


4. Making sure there are no bubbles or ugly creases, fold over the edges of your contact paper to the back of the glass.

5. Repeat on all four sides.

6. Flip your pretty paper-covered glass sheet over.

7. Using computer software (anything from Word to Photoshop and everything in between will do), make some labels for each category you need to track. I made a column for each family member, plus columns for projects, blog, life, and to-dos. Print these labels out onto clear label paper (my new favorite thing!).

8. Cut out your labels. Since the backing of the paper is clear, I didn’t have to cut them too exact!

9. Using painter’s tape and a ruler, line up your labels across the top of your glass sheet.


10. Here’s a quick snap shot of the labels added to the glass sheet.

11. Load your frame back up, with the glass panel in first, followed by whatever “cushioning” your frame needs to close up tight.

12. All done! Hang or lean it wherever you need it most!


Once our reminder board was up on the wall, I really didn’t like the black frame. A quick coat of spray paint (I used Rustoleum Sun), and the board looked coordinated and finished! I LOVE this project!!

Here’s one more shot of where it sits on our command center – right in the center of the action! Right where I need it! (Oh – and our little caddy on the shelf holds extra sticky notes and pencils so adding items is quick and easy!)

I have a few more projects from this space that I’m going to share over the next week, but be sure to stop by tomorrow to get a sneak peak of our Halloween costumes for this year!!!!!

See You Soon!