Happy Amazon Prime Day, friends! I’ve spend the past week scouring the home deals on Amazon Prime Day to find you some of the best cleaning, organizing, decorating, craft, and DIY products that will be available on deep discount both today and tomorrow. Wowza, there are a lot of great promotions to browse through, research and scoop up before this 2-day event is done, so I’m going to keep my usual babbling to a minimum to give you time to check everything out. Also, I’m going to do my very, very best to keep this list updated as I see great deals go live throughout the day, so be sure to bookmark it and check back regularly! Ready to shop?!? I am! (I may even already have some items in my cart 😉)

Home Deals on Amazon Prime Day

What and When is Amazon Prime Day?

Amazon Prime Day kicks off today (Monday, July 16th) at 3PM EST, and it runs through midnight tomorrow night (Tuesday, July 17th). It’s essentially Amazon’s “Black Friday” in July where tons of Amazon-backed products (such as the Kindle, the Echo, and the Dot, etc), as well as tons of other items, are put on deep discounts. In order to take advantage of the deals you need to have a Prime Membership, which now will run you $119 for the year. In addition to sales and deals during the 2-day sale, Amazon Prime membership gives you access to free 2-day shipping, Prime Music and Video, photo storage and other exclusive programs discounts all year long.

I personally use Amazon a ton, both personally and for my business. Due to their selection, prices and search-ability, I rely on Amazon to find exactly what I need for whatever project I’m working on. And more often than not lately, I am choosing to do larger bulk orders for my craft supplies and staples instead of running to the store each and every week (usually with kids in tow!). An Amazon Prime account may not be a good for every family; but at least in our household, I don’t think we could function without it!

NOTE: Keep in mind that the products below are not necessarily going to have great deals, nor will the deals be available during the whole sale. These are just the items I’m looking out for, and I will be sure to update this post as deals on these or other items become available!

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Organization Favorites

Other ORGANIZATION Deals to Watch

Kitchen Favorites

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Home Decor & Furniture

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Other CLEAN HOME Deals to Watch for

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Gift Ideas

Other GIFT Deals to Watch for TUESDAY, OCT 13 2020:

What Have I Bought So Far?

Alright friends! I hope this roundup of home deals on Amazon Prime Day is helpful to you as you wade through all the available promotions today. Happy Shopping…and don’t forget, I’ll be updating this list throughout the day both today and into tomorrow, so be sure to pop back in regularly to see what else catches my eye!

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The Best Home Deals on Amazon Prime Day

See You Soon!