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Exactly one year ago yesterday, our moving truck arrived here in Virginia direct from California, and we feverishly began to settle into this, our 8th home! Within 2 months, Baby Jack was born and the year that followed turned out to be nothing we could have ever imagined. While Coronavirus certainly put a damper on 2020 and we haven’t been able to explore the local area as much as we were hoping, we still have been able to soak up a lot of time with extended family and truly settle into this lovely home we absolutely adore. To celebrate the 1-year anniversary of living here, I wanted to give you an updated home tour. But instead of sharing a bunch of pictures you’ve already seen, I thought it would be fun to give you a video home tour (look at me so “with the times”!) While I had a goal of getting the entire first floor “done” by the 1-year mark and didn’t quite make it, I’m still so proud of the spaces and projects we have been able to complete (especially under some crazy circumstances: new baby, global pandemic, working from home, homeschooling, etc)! I hope you enjoy it!

A few quick footnotes:

  • No…our house is not always this picked up or clean. I filmed this video immediately after our housecleaner left so it would be as tidy as possible. Within an hour, there were toys everywhere and crumbs all over the floor…so what you see was definitely just a rare moment in time.
  • Although the house is picked up, I didn’t “style” it for this video tour. This is real life friends…complete with piles of laundry, a falling curtain rod, messy closets and more!
  • There are quite a few projects and spaces in the videos you haven’t yet seen here on the blog, especially upstairs. I promise…everything will get posted in detail…eventually!
  • There are just a few first floor projects I haven’t quite completed before I can proclaim it “done.” Specifically on my To Do List for the summer:
    • Under the kitchen cabinet organization (just needs labels!)
    • Mini office refresh (supplies are ordered!)
    • Foyer artwork (supplies ordered and concept finalized!)
    • Family room details (new knobs, furniture feet and throw pillows to tie everything together just right)
    • Decluttering of the entire first floor
  • What’s on the horizon for Year 2?
    • 1 final project for Sam’s bedroom
    • Nursery bookcase makeover
    • Wallpaper and window treatment for Henry’s room, as well as setting up a new “school space” in his closet.
    • Master Bedroom curtains & pillows
    • Boy’s bathroom makeover
    • Upstairs linen closet organization
  • Finally…if you think we don’t have any clutter or messes to deal with…notice I didn’t show you the basement or garage 😉. Those will be Year 3 projects!

“First Year Here” Projects

If you’d like to check out any of the projects and spaces I’ve completed in more detail, just click below!

Home Products & Resources

And if you’re looking for any products you saw in the video home tour, you can shop them all HERE!

I so hope you enjoyed this home tour, and I can’t wait to share even more transformations and updates as we head into our second year here! Happy 4th of July to my American readers, and see you guys next week!

See You Soon!