Every year from August to December, you’ll see cute Cub Scouts on your doorstep or out front of the local grocery store, eagerly selling their infamous popcorn. My kids are some of those cute Scouts! Years ago, I created this simple Cub Scout Popcorn Tracker to motivate the Scouts in my own son’s Pack; and this time every year, it becomes one of the most downloaded files on my site. Whether you’re the Popcorn Kernel looking for some fun resources for popcorn kickoff or you’re simply trying to motivate your own Scout to reach their selling goal, this is a fun (and FREE) tracker to try!

Printable Cub Scout Popcorn Tracker on top of yellow folder

Printable Cub Scout Popcorn Tracker

Cub Scouts hustle during Fall popcorn sales to raise money for their scouting program and teach the value of hard work, goal setting, and other life lessons.

Most Cub Scout Packs want each Scout to sell a certain amount of popcorn (usually in the $500-$2000 range) in order to fund the year’s activities of camping, adventures, crafts, and other events. However, this number can easily be intangible and maybe even overwhelming to younger Scouts.

So to help kids get excited and stay excited about selling popcorn, this color-in popcorn tracker features 100 pieces of popcorn that represent a particular dollar value in popcorn orders ($5 in the example below).

Printable Cub Scout Popcorn Tracker on top of yellow folder

As Scouts sell popcorn (via take-order sales, door-to-door, online sales, show-n-sell, storefront sales, wagon sales, etc), they color in the corresponding popcorn kernels until the tracker is full. Not only is this worksheet a fun visual, but the physical nature of it can really help kids (and their families!) stay motivated throughout the popcorn sale!

Printable Cub Scout Popcorn Tracker on a yellow folder

Get the Printable Cub Scout Popcorn Tracker

To get your own (customizable) copy of the Cub Scout Popcorn Tracker, click HERE!

Customizing the Cub Scout Popcorn Tracker

This printable popcorn tracker features fully editable text fields so you can customize it to your own Pack/Troop/Scout’s goals. Here’s how to edit it:

  1. Download the Cub Scout Popcorn Tracker PDF and open it using the FREE version of Adobe Acrobat Reader.
  2. Click into the document anywhere you see a blue text field and type in whatever details you desire.
  3. Feel free to customize the tracker’s title, instructions, and even the popcorn values to reflect the unique selling goal for your Pack. NOTE: There are 100 pieces of popcorn, and they will all populate with the same dollar value automatically.
  4. Save the file to your computer with your specific changes; and then feel free to print and disseminate to your Pack’s Scouts!
Editable and fillable printable Cub Scout Popcorn Tracker

FREE Printable Cub Scout Popcorn Tracker

Popcorn Prizes

While you can certainly just provide the tracker as a handy resources, our Pack incentivized the kids with our very own “Popcorn Prize Bucket.”

NOTE: Our “Prize Bucket” was separate from the incentives and prizes provided by Boy Scouts of America and Trail’s End. We used some Pack funds to buy slimy worms, stretchy hands, fidget spinners, and other silly things that would get the kids excited (especailly since the official prizes take a while to come in).

Not only is having a physical tracker (hung right on the refrigerator) helpful and motivating to the whole family, but our Pack kiddos were VERY excited to stand up in front of their friends at the end of the sale to pick a prize for filling in their entire sheet!

Other Creative Ideas for Your Popcorn Kickoff

Looking for even more creative ways to get your Pack excited about selling more popcorn? Here are some great ideas to try at your Popcorn Kickoff event!

Popcorn Information Folders

Since the Cub Scout popcorn program tends to be at the beginning of the school year, the important information, details, and dates can get lost in the new school year hustle and bustle.

So that parents and kids have everything they need in a single, easy-access spot, considering assembling popcorn folders for each Scout.

Things you might want to include in the folder:

  • Welcome letter from the Popcorn Kernel and/or Cub Master
  • Overview of the popcorn program, including important dates, deadlines, and details
  • Print out of the Scouts BSA popcorn prizes (so the Scouts can see them and set their own goals)
  • Order Forms
  • Printable Popcorn Tracker
  • Promotional Materials
  • Any websites and/or login instructions your Pack will be using (e.g., Trail’s End App)
Printable Cub Scout Popcorn Tracker on a yellow folder

Popcorn Samples

So the kids can (literally!) get a taste of what they are going to sell, consider providing some samples at your popcorn kickoff. Here are a some easy ways to pull this off:

  • Create a popcorn buffet with bowls of each flavor. Provide scoops and small cups so kids can try the different flavors.
  • Pre-fill small paper cups with various flavors and let kids take one or two to try.
  • Assemble pre-filled mini treat bags and hand them out with the other popcorn resources.
Sample of Cub Scout popcorn in a small plastic bag

Skits & Jokes

Scouts are known for their skits and jokes. Consider having the older Dens (Bears and Weblos) put on skits about popcorn or the dos/don’ts of selling. This is the perfect opportunity to use this list of “corny” popcorn jokes to get the kids laughing!


Another way to get kids excited about selling popcorn is by doing some popcorn-themed games at the kickoff meeting. Here are a bunch of fun popcorn-themed games to try.

We made some large popcorn stickers (using Cricut Print-and-Cut on sticker paper) and put them onto colored buckets from the party store. We then balled up different colors of tissue paper to resemble over-sized pieces of popcorn, and the kids played various games where they had to catch and pass them.

Popcorn tissue paper and bucket game

Costumes & Props

Last but not least, a few small “costume” projects can help kids identify the adults actively running the popcorn program, as well as understand that popcorn sales are a “big deal.”

Silly hats, popcorn props, or even simple paper ribbons (like shown below) can be just enough to catch the kids’ and parents’ attention!

Popcorn Kernel ribbon made over paper

If you’re feeling really ambitious or especially crafty, you can assemble an entire popcorn box costume…we called him “Cracker Jack!”

Cub Scout Popcorn Box costume

Yep…that’s a huge cardboard box “dressed” quite accurately as a box of popcorn in a Cub Scout uniform.

We use this costume at various meetings and events during the popcorn fundraising initiative.

I don’t have a step-by-step tutorial (because it was very much a figure-it-out-as-you-go project), but here’s the gist of it should you want to make your own:

  • The large box is wrapped in navy blue wrapping paper.
  • Most items (i.e., popcorn, neckerchief, slide, pocket, Pack numbers, and belt loops) are cut with a Cricut from cardstock and then glued into place.
  • The BSA letters above the pocket and the Cub Scout symbol on the belt buckle are cut from vinyl.
  • I didn’t add images to the belt loops; but if you wanted to, you could print out the achievement pictures onto clear sticker paper and stick them right on.

Needless to say, this Cracker Jack costume sure got the kids’ attention and caused quite a few laughs in the process!

Cub Master wearing a Cub Scout Popcorn Box costume

How to DIY Your Own Cub Scout Popcorn Crafts

Almost every Cub Scout craft you see in this post (i.e., folders, popcorn treat bags, Popcorn Kernel badge, Cracker Jack costume) was made using the Do Your Bestโ„ขโ€ฆfor Cub Scoutsยฎ! set inside the Cricut Design Space Image Library.

Yellow Cub Scout Folder with Popcorn Kernel Ribbon and sample on top

Although this image set is not included in any Cricut Access membership (you have to purchase it separately within Cricut Design Space), it can be quite handy to have (especially if you have several kids who will go through scouting).

Cub Scout uniform numbers cut from paper
Cracker Jack paper ribbon

Whether you just use the simple Cub Scout Popcorn Tracker or take on some of the more ambitious popcorn-themed crafts, the ideas shared here can go a long way in setting a fun, exciting, and successful tone for your annual popcorn sale. With just a bit of pre-work, you’ll be able to motivate the Scouts (and their families!) to sell a lot of popcorn and kick off a great year of scouting!

Yellow Cub Scout Folder with Popcorn Kernel Ribbon, Printable Popcorn Tracker, and sample on top
See You Soon!