Earlier this week, I chatted a bit about how I am on a mission to decorate and brighten the walls of our home without using paint (catch up here!). One of the strategies I suggested was to use brightly colored-mats, frames, or artwork to make large, impactful, stylish, take-it-with-you statements in your space. I’ve got a lot of blank walls to fill up in this new house, so when the folks over at Minted asked me to share some of my favorite pieces and products, I jumped at the chance to scout out some great artwork and much-needed inspiration for some upcoming makeovers!

As I mentioned last week, I’m not taking on huge overhauls of every room in this house. Some of the rooms will have very similar (if not the same) design schemes as they did in our last home. But we do have a few new spaces that are getting fresh looks, and I know including just the right piece of art will go a long way in making each room feel cohesive and finished! For some rooms, I have a design plan well underway, and I was able to find some wonderful pieces that I know will complete the designs. I have a few other rooms (ahem, my office) that I just can’t figure out, so it was fun to use the art as inspiration and jumping off points to get my ideas flowing! Even I was surprised to see where I ended up! Let’s get to it, shall we?!

Our upstairs family room is one of the rooms I have a clear plan for. The colors and fabrics are picked (from my hoard!), and I have already started on some fun projects (like the fireplace feature). We shuffled the furniture around for (hopefully!) the last time, and I ended up with a large expanse of wall that is crying out for some striking art. While I LOVE the art I had hanging in our last family room, it doesn’t quite fit with this new scheme, so it’s been hung downstairs with the other blue/turquoise/lime accents! I found so many wonderful options for this room, but I am reeeeaaallly crushing on the pine needles print (#2 below). Not only does it nod to the green grasses on the mantel, but the pine needles really remind me of North Carolina (our last home). I love having an emotional connection to the things on our walls!

Preppy Family Room
1 / 2 / 3

Our master bedroom is getting a mini update, and I actually think it will be the room that comes together first! We’re adding in lush blue accents alongside all the greys and silvers from before, and I am LOVING where it’s headed. Our new room is quite a bit bigger than our last one, and the white walls are feeling a bit vacuous. One of these three prints would nicely carry the blue scheme to the walls on the other side of the room. That #5 really has my heart!

Glam Master Bedroom
4 | 5 | 6

You may have noticed on our home tour last week that for the first time ever, Greg and I will have separate office spaces. Not only is this good for our productivity, but it means I get to finally decorate a super girly space. In all honesty, this decor freedom has me a bit paralyzed, and I just don’t know which direction I want to go. To get my ideas flowing, I let myself browse through all of the artwork on Minted and saved a few that I had immediate reactions to. I played around for a little while with colors and patterns, and I am super excited about both these possibilities. Not quite where I expected to head, but I love them both so so much. Now to decide!

Girly Office Space 1
Girly Office Space 2
7 | 8

Oooohhh – that #8 floral print has me pretty smitten. I never thought I’d go pink and green in my office (and I’m still am not sure I will), but I do love that print SO much!

One of the biggest design lessons I learned in our last home was that art really is the key element that brings together and finishes off a space. I truly regretted waiting so long to get art up on the walls and don’t want to make that mistake again. Minted has so many great option for unique, beautiful art. I love that you can get the artwork framed and in almost any size you wish. Be sure to check out their art marketplace here. And if you’re not in the market for artwork, did you know they also do holiday cards, baby announcements and wedding invitations? In fact, they just launched a brand new collection of wedding invitations, so if you or someone you know is planning a wedding, be sure to check it out here!

I’d love to know what you guys think of my plans for these three spaces? Any votes for the office/craft room? Which pieces of art are your favorites? Have you ever ordered from Minted?

I hope you guys have a fantastic weekend. See you back here Monday for my end-of-the-month round up – there’s lots of good stuff to share this time around!See you then!

This post was written in collaboration with Minted. All ideas and inspiration boards are my own; images of artwork used with permission from Minted. Please remember that I only work with brands and products I fully support and that make sense for my home, my family, and this blog. All opinions are 100% my own!
See You Soon!