Woo hoo, it’s Friday! It’s been a good but long week around here, and I am ready for the weekend! Valentine’s Day is less than a week away, so it’s time I show you how my red and turquoise Valentine’s Day decor came together for this year’s display! I used a blend of last year’s projects with some new accessories and crafts to bring the whole thing together for a really fun “mantel-scape.”

Like I mentioned earlier this week, I had a bit of a hard time getting into the Valentine’s Day spirit this year. Juggling a few more projects than I’d like right now, I just didn’t have the creative spirit in me. Then I opened up my V-Day decor box in the garage, and things started to come together pretty fast! The first thing I did was hang my new rosebud wreath (purchased from Target right before Christmas) with a bright blue ribbon.

Next, I adorned my lamp with some red ribbon and a turquoise flower I had from my summer wreath!

I then placed my crafts from last year, including our darling mailboxes

…and my heart canvas and polka dot pennant bunting. One of the new crafts this year were the paper roses glued to a tree branch, placed in a teal vase (from Crate & Barrel).

 The main new addition to my display are the cake stands I showed you yesterday! I love the pop of color and visual interest they bring to my display. You will surely be seeing these year round!

The little love birds perch on top of the red cake stand…aren’t they just the sweetest?

Something tall was needed to balance out the big lamp on the left, so I used some dollar store red roses (leftover from this party) and a Styrofoam ball to create a great topiary.

I love how everything came together to create such a cheery display!

I didn’t do too much on the bookcase below. I dug around the house for some other red and teal accessories. The “LOVE” letters are new – I found them in a thrift store for $3 and gave them a new coat of red spray paint!

Here’s everything all together!

Oh, and if you wanted to see how I improved upon last year’s decor…this is what we had a year ago:

And what we have today!

Plus a little peek-a-boo from Me 🙂 Happy Valentine’s Day, my friends!!!

See You Soon!