I looooove a good monogram…especially on a coffee mug. So when I was experimenting with various ways to make personalizes mugs for my kids, I came up with this really fun “split monogram” design. These mugs are as easy as they are cool, and can be easily customized by picking different fonts and ink patterns. Let me show you exactly how to make these funky split monogram mugs with the Cricut Mug Press so you too can whip them up for your whole family!

Split monogram mugs in blue, green and orange

When I first started playing with the Cricut Mug Press, my kids were eager for their own mugs. I never miss an opportunity to add their names or initials to anything; and by using this coordinating set of dot transfer sheets, I decided to make them “not quite matching” monogram mugs with Cricut Mug Press.

Split monogram mugs in blue, green and orange

One of the coolest ways to create designs with the Cricut Mug Press is to “wrap” Infusible Ink Transfer Sheets around the mug to make a solid wall of pattern. By slicing simple block letters into the basic wrap template, you end up with a mug design that couldn’t be easier but truly looks amazing! We’re all pretty smitten with these mugs!

Split monogram mugs in blue, green and orange

Supplies Needed

Here is what you need to make these DIY Split Monogram Mugs with Cricut Mug Press:

How to Design Split Monograms in Cricut Design Space

The trickiest part of this entire project is creating the monogram mug design. I’ve included both video and picture instructions to help you. Once you understand the basic process to achieve the “split” look, feel free to swap fonts, sizes, and patterns until you get a design that’s just right!

Video Tutorial

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Picture Tutorial

(NOTE: Click on any image below to see it in more detail.)

Repeat the entire process with different letters for additional mugs as needed.

Want a quicker and easier way to design a monogram? Learn how here: 5 (Easy) Ways to Design Stylish Monograms for Your Cricut

Cutting the Split Monogram Mug Design

Once you have your split monogram mug designed just as you want it, click the green “Make It” button to send it to cut. Be sure to make the following specifications:

  • Select “Infusible Ink Transfer Sheet” from the Custom Materials menu.
  • Click the “Mirror” button to flip your design prior to cutting.

Place the Cricut Infusible Ink Transfer Sheet onto a green matpaper side up, shiny side down. Feed the mat into your Cricut machine to cut out the monogram design.

Cricut Explore Air 2 cutting a sheet of Infusible Ink

To weed your design, start by removing the excess paper around the mug template. There’s no need for any weeding tools; simply “crack” the design along the cut lines and carefully pull the excess paper away with your fingers.

Split monogram mug design cut out of Infusible Ink Transfer Sheet on a Cricut Mat

Next, remove the top rectangle of the design to reveal the top half of the split monogram…

Split monogram mug design cut out of Infusible Ink Transfer Sheet on a Cricut Mat

Then peel out the bottom half of the letters. When you’re done, you should be left with the clear plastic liner in the shape of the mug template and your monogram design similar to what’s shown below.

Split monogram mug design cut out of Infusible Ink Transfer Sheet on a Cricut Mat

Transferring the Split Monogram Design to the Mug

Next, clean your (blank) Cricut Mug with a lint-free cloth or lint roller. If there are any smudges, they can affect how well the ink transfers to the mug.

Hands cleaning white mug with white cloth

Wrap your split mug design around the mug with the ink facing the mug and the clear plastic layer on the outside. It may take a few tries to get the mug template tabs lined up under the handle and the bottom of the wrap flush with the bottom edge of the mug. Don’t hesitate to peel off and re-wrap if needed.

White mug with Cricut Mug Press

This next step is incredibly important when making mugs where the transfer sheet runs all the way to the edge of the mug. You must use Heat Resistant Tape all the way around the base of the mug. Simply cut 1-2″ strips and wrap them from the side of the mug to the base, pulling the transfer sheet as tight as possible against the lip of the mug.

White mug with Heat Resistant Tape

Why Tape?

I can’t stress how important a step this is. If any pocket of air exists between the transfer sheet and the mug, you can get an incomplete or uneven transfer. In the image above, notice how I have a few tiny pockets where the transfer sheet isn’t flush against the mug. Sure enough, I ended up with patchy spots around the base of my mug (below). To ensure you get absolutely flawless results on any design that runs all the way to the edge, tightly tape the transfer sheet to the mug as much as possible.

Split monogram mugs in blue and green

Once the mug is all taped up, load it into the (preheated) Cricut Mug Press and close the handle.

(Need more information about how the Cricut Mug Press works? Click HERE).

Split Monogram Mug inserted into Cricut Mug Press

Once the Cricut Mug Press beeps, lift the lever and remove the mug by the handle. Place it on a heat-safe surface to cool for about 15+ minutes.

Split monogram mug next to Cricut Mug Press

Once the mug is cool to the touch, you can safely peel away the tape, clear liner, and transfer sheet to reveal your gorgeous design!

Hands peeling away Infusible Ink Transfer Sheet off of a white mug

Once fully cool, your split monogram mug is ready for use! The design is completely dishwasher safe and will never fade, crack or peel. That vibrant monogram design is there for good!

Split monogram mugs in green

I love how these split monogram mugs with Cricut Mug Press utilize the white surface of the mug to create the really eye-catching design. To create good contrast between the white mug and the monogram, I highly recommend using very saturated patterns in bright colors. Light patterns or ones with lots of white in them won’t create as clear of a monogram design.

Split monogram mugs in blue, green and orange

My boys adore these mugs…and in fact, I think they are my favorite mugs I’ve made so far too. Although Greg and I have similar versions, I might need to make us matching ones to complete the set! I hope you give them a try; I think you’ll be amazed at how easy they really are!

See You Soon!