Gosh – I know I’ve been hammering you with Craft Room projects and updates lately – I hope you’re not too sick of this space yet, because I have a doozy of a reveal for you today. Just to recap a bit, this room is our third bedroom. Instead of using it as a Guest Room, which wouldn’t get much use, we dedicated it as a combined Craft Room and Office. As a result, it is one of the most utilized rooms in our house. It’s taken me (what feels like) forever to get this room pulled together. I’ll save detailing the full journey for my full-room reveal post in a few weeks, but I did want to show you how far this one little wall has come!

Here’s the room before all of stuff arrived 18+ months ago. The day before the movers arrived, I painted the walls Martha Stewart’s Cumulus Cloud. To give you a sense of size, the back wall is 11 feet across, and the right and left walls are 15 feet long. It’s a huge room!

Craft Room Craft Wall-001

Our original plan was for the Craft Counter to go along the back (11′) wall. Due to some miscalculations, we had to shift things around a bit, and the Craft Counter ended up along the 12′ space just to the right of the door. You can read more about the Craft Counter installation HERE.

Craft Room Craft Wall-002

After months and months of ideas gone wrong, changing my mind, changing my color scheme, halting progress altogether, new ideas gone right, and a lot of trial and error, here is where this wall is now!

Craft Room Craft Wall-003

Yiiipppppeeee! I am one excited girl. It felt like I would never get this space pulled together. And while there are things I would maybe do differently next time around, I am one pretty excited crafter. Before I get into all the pretty pictures, a little reality check: I realize a space like this is a total luxury – one that works for our family where we are at in life right now. I realize I may never get a large and dedicated space like this again (or at least for a very long time!). But it’s something my husband and I decided works for us right now, and I am so grateful he was willing to go along and let me go. So, while it’s just the three of us living in this little house, I’m going to soak up the joy and convenience of having all my craft supplies organized, easily accessible, and displayed oh-so-nicely!

Okay – enough jibber-jabber. Time for pictures. I’ve shown you a lot of the center section of this counter in recent weeks. You can read all about my PAPER GARLAND, SUBWAY ART, HERRINGBONE TOE KICKS, and PIN-BOARD BACKSPLASH.

Craft Room Craft Wall-004

Craft Room Craft Wall-005

Craft Room Craft Wall-006

Craft Room Craft Wall-007

One of things I love most about this craft space is that I have two work stations, allowing me to keep my sewing machine, serger, and e-cutter hooked up and functional at all times. Keeping my fabric wrapped on cardboard “bolts” on open shelves and ribbon on curtain rods keep all of my supplies easily accessible while doubling as candy-colored decor! The deal with my husband is that all my fabric and ribbon MUST fit on these shelves and rods – no spillover to bins or baskets or hidden piles in the closet. Once these shelves and rods are full, no more shopping until I get making!

Craft Room Craft Wall-008

Craft Room Craft Wall-009

Craft Room Craft Wall-010

Craft Room Craft Wall-011

Instead of creating or buying a ton of art to adorn my walls, I let my craft supplies do that job. It is a craft space after all! Fabric, ribbon, markers, pens, scissors, fabric swatches and more are all on display for easy access!

Craft Room Craft Wall-012

Craft Room Craft Wall-013

Craft Room Craft Wall-014

My husband jokingly says he’s worried that whole wall will fall down with how much I have on it. That’s one hard-working wall, no doubt about it!

Craft Room Craft Wall-003

I think that’s enough photo overload for today. I know I haven’t showed you all the (updated) organized goodness inside those cabinets and drawers. I did show them to you a long time ago HERE; but they’ve changed quite a bit so I’m going to update those solutions in a new post. Stay tuned, I’ll show you more of my craft storage solutions here soon!

Craft Room Craft Wall-015

I feel like I have so much more to show you in this space, but after 5 straight posts on this wall alone, I think it’s time for a little break! On Wednesday, I’ll have an easy kitchen storage idea for you that might give you a “duh!” moment like it did me! See you then!

See You Soon!